My Best Friend Confusion?

    • My Best Friend Confusion?

      :confused::confused: Hi everyone, I am a guy, and my best friend is a girl. We have known eachother for a little less than a year, and we are very close. We joke around, goof off, and just have fun together. We are there for eachother though too. She has had some bullying issues and troubles at home, which I have helped her through and coached her through.

      I admit, we do have tendencies of a couple. All of our friends and other 'aquaintances' are often confused if we are dating or not, or if we like eachother. We have both publicly said that we are closer friends and would rather maintain a friendship vs. a relationship.

      Heres the thing: I feel like theres something in both of us that want a relationship? She's hilarious and gorgeous but I'm scared of losing her if I make a move:(:(

      What should I do?
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      Hey:) I know exactly how you feel, I was in this exact situation (Except I'm a girl, my best friend is guy) We did get together in the end, but you probs don't want to hear about that :L So anyway, with regards to your situation... I think you should test the water before you go for it. Obviously your friendship means a lot to both of you, and finding out someone likes you can totally change the dynamics of a relationship - you don't want to risk making things weird. Maybe you should make a hint or say something like about how everyone thinks you two are dating, assess her reaction to the idea of yous as a couple. Good luck, I really hope things work out for you:)
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      Honestly I would try and make something happen. Me and my best guy friend were just like that everybody who first met us or were around us thought we were a couple I fell in love and he says he did too... But we both used the whole we don't want to ruin our friendship and well our feelings for each other ended up ruining the friendship bc we both wouldn't admit to them and well that drove us both away from each other. Broke his heart Broke my heart. We just started talking again after not talking for almost 2 years because of it. He admitted to feeling the same and he still feels the same and in a way I feel the same. Somebody who was that close to you who you fell in love with I don't think you will ever be able to get totally over them. So why didn't we get together now well in those two years a lot of things change I am engaged he is engaged nothing much we can really do about it. So before you lose your chance tell her how you feel. If one of you doesn't you won't know what could happen, I still believe that my best friend was my soul mate but I am very much in love with my fiance and well I'm not going to leave him for a past love and he doesn't want to leave his fiance for a past love so tell her
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      Actually this has happened to me before and i told the guy about my feelings(im a girl xD). He told me that he only see me as friend and i was realy sad, but now we are friends and we are talking about that and laughing.To be honest right now im not in love with him or something. In the end i was relieved that we didn't have a relationship back then. You see relationship may bring you big troubles and after that breaking up. You can't know what will happen if you tell her. you may be lucky. But i believe that a boyfriend (or girlfriend) may eventually leave but a true friend will stay forever :)
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