Does she like me like I like her and what to do?

    • Does she like me like I like her and what to do?

      I'm a sophomore (16) and the girl I really like is a freshman (15), I don't care about grade differences. I met her about a month and a half ago in a class, after recovering from breaking down. I'm known as one of the top carefree asshole's in my grade, I'm sick of it. I went through hell in life, 3 fathers, my real one in prison, my mother failed her job and couldn't get out of any bad situation so I had to do things myself, she attacked me and is bipolar so that isn't much help. I only can rely on myself in life and some of the few good friends I've made. My first best friend just completely ditched me, I've known him since I was 4 so it did hurt. I quit wrestling, my only sport which I lettered as a freshman. I'm trying to figure out who I am and become somebody people like, which where my problem occurs. I've never taken people's **** and spoken back to adults that disagree with me and told people straight up how I felt about them. The girl, I'm not sure if she likes me or not but I get a lot of mixed signals. She doesn't really have many friends, shes not a popular person (which I don't care, I don't look at that), has a great personality and is cute and pretty. She's a Latino such as myself as well, so that is a plus. She says I'm one of the coolest and funniest people she knows. She's the good girl type too, she attends church, is school-focused, and listens well to family. I'm trying to improve my school focus but it's hard from issues in my family, I don't have a family asides from my grandparents, friends, and stepdad. I'm trying to go into the National Guard too, to help myself. Asides from all of this, regarding just her; she talks about me to a lot of people, including teachers and friends of mine (what I've heard she says is good so far), talks to me in class a lot, and I walk with her whenever I run into her. She blushed when she was told I liked her by a friend as well. I went to church twice last Sunday for my first time and it wasn't as bad as I assumed, she heard about it today and told me how proud she was of me. I asked her about hanging out, she said when she gets back from her week vacation to Mexico next week she can. She told me about two weeks ago, there was a girl in her class that spoke of having a crush on me, which me and my other friends think she was referring to herself because I talk to nobody else in that class and even overheard her talk about me. But why would she give herself out? I gave her my number two weeks ago and when she said she'd text me because she had it I was surprised she held onto it. I even brought up how I seen her in my middle school yearbooks and how she was still cute, she said she was ugly and walked away so I'm not sure if this is some bad sign. If she does actually plan to hangout like she said, I plan to ask her out with flowers and tell her "Never give up on somebody you can't go one day without thinking about; this reminds me of you". She said that shes never dated somebody but rejected everybody because she had to know them. Sorry for it being so long, I just want everything to be clarified.