Choosing between best friend and a crush

    • Choosing between best friend and a crush

      Alright, so I'm a senior band geek in high school who is quite inexperienced in relationships. There's this girl in band who I've liked for a while, but I never felt confident enough to ask her out. It always seemed like there was another guy who she liked more. Well, about a month ago, I thought this girl liked my best friend, and my friend is the stereotypical "really nice guy" when it comes to girls, so I wanted him to try and take a chance with this girl. Well, he is too scared and instead tries to get her to tell him who she likes (hoping, of course, that it's him). I think this is a good time to note that my friend doesn't know I actually like this girl. Well, today in band, I heard what seems like the millionth session of this conversation because both of these two sit right beside me in band class. The thing is, though, he finally got her to say who she likes: me. Now, here comes the real complicated stuff. He then gets quiet and proceeds to tell her that I like another girl. After class, I go up to him, thinking I may have misheard something, and then the guy lies straight to my face, saying he never even had that sort of conversation during this class. He goes so far to hide it that he tells me a couple hours later that he talked to her after school and that she said she liked another guy. He's a terrible liar, and this is the first time I feel like this guy, my best friend, threw me under the bus. I don't know how to go about it; has the girl moved on after all this mess? Is this guy not actually my friend, or did he just make a poor decision based off of a knee-jerk reaction to an awkward situation? Do i need to move on? Who is more important, my best friend who I felt i could trust until now, or this girl, who I really like and would like to date? Please help!:nono:
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      Your friend totally broke bros before hoes. Cardinal sin of the bro code. He doesn't even deserve to be your friend anymore. I'd rid yourself of him, and ask this girl out. If she likes you for even half as long as you've liked her, she definitely hasn't "moved on" from it.

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