Interval training.

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      Muppy wrote:

      Does anyone do interval training?
      I've heard it can be better for you than doing a constant run and I've just done 50 minutes of it and I have to say it feels just as good.

      I actually heard this on a health and fitness documentary a couple of days ago. They claimed you only need 3 minutes of interval training a day and it will have the same effect as the 2.5 hours a week you're normally supposed to spend exercising. Not sure I buy that...

      But 50 minutes of it should definitely do the trick. I might even try it myself.
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      Woah seriously? That's mad. Probably a bit exaggerated yea :p. It does work your body out though as I was red in the face where I was so hot. Apparently you shouldn't over do it though because it's changing your heart rate a lot.

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      Interval training basically not only burns fat and builds stamina, it also trains your heart rate to stay at a normal level longer when you're running. What that means is that you'll be able to run longer and faster without burning out. Also, it doesn't lower muscle mass, like traditional cardio can.