Death of True Love

    • Death of True Love

      Jennifer fell to the floor. As Leon removed his sword from her stomach. Raidia hurried to catch her. Barely able to see the wound through the blood pouring from her dying body. Knowing that he couldn’t save her. Raidia began to cry. He got to his feet. his breathing became heavier as he saw Leon’s callous grin. And began to lose control of himself “you… You… I’M GOING TO RIP YOU APART!” Raidia’s energy exploded outwards. Knocking Leon back. Raidia, now being unable to see through anything but his rage, began to attack Leon recklessly. Putting all of his strength in to every attack. Completely blind to Jennifer trying to call his name. sparks danced off of Raidia’s sword. With each and every swing. More and more sparks scattered and hit the ground. The sparks became flames. Leon was in trouble. He couldn’t attack. And his defence was breaking. He hopped backwards to enable him the time to cast a fire spell. As soon as the spell was cast. Leon lost site of his target. Raidia leapt out from the flames behind him. Leon was just able to turn and defend. Swords clashed again. This time. Raidia had charged his strike. And a powerful fire wave shot from Raidia‘s blade. Unable to counter it. Leon was thrown back wards. Barely able to keep his footing. Raidia leapt from the smoke. His attack slowed. And Leon could see that he was remembering his wife. They crossed blades again. And Leon whispered to Raidia. “she’s calling out to you” Raidia suddenly regained awareness of himself and turned to run to his wife. Wanting to see If there was away he could help her through. Forgetting about his opponent. Leon took this to his advantage. And pierced Raidia’s back. And Ran his sword through. Hitting all the same spots as he did with Jennifer. To make sure they died slowly. And painfully. “pathetic. If you had of continued. Then you might have been able to defeat me. But your love held you back and made you weak. All that matters is power” Leon withdrew his sword. “Anyway. I’ll leave you to crawl to your wife. Raidia. I have others who I need to kill” Leon turned and walked away. Raidia could feel Jennifer’s energy fading. She was fighting hard just to stay alive. Tears fell from The eyes of the fallen warrior. As he struggled, using all his energy to reach the one he loves. He reached out and took her hand “Je… Jennifer. I’m so sorry” Jennifer coughed up more blood as she turned to meet Raidia’s gaze. Her face was flooded in tears. Her top covered in blood. Barely able to whisper. Somehow she gathered the will to speak. “ Raidia. don’t be sorry. We are dying together. I am so hap…py that we could be. To…” she coughed up more blood. Raidia knew there wasn’t much time left for either of them. He moved closer to his love. Put his arms around her. “Jennifer. You know what we need to do” let us go. Together” with that. Their bodies began to decay. In each others arms. Smiling. As their lives faded to nothing.