I haven't had much of a personality lately.

    • I haven't had much of a personality lately.

      Previously i've had pursuits such as sport, girls, philosophy, and now it is mainly health and fitness. Being a healthy and fit individual, I am much better than most people. But its not really something you can talk about or openly share, as it would mainly just be me talking down to others and telling them how i'm right, like some kind of sensei Yoda-type character. People don't often like me doing this, because I am still quite young in all my wisdom.

      I've also had different interests, mainly mainstream stuff like watching TV series and getting a job / working. I'm even considering taking a 1 or 2 year break from uni if I get a job offer that I applied for working as a drafter. Its $60k a year which is pretty good if I get it.

      Lately i've been in a lot of debt because i've been travelling and not working enough. I've got speeding fines, car bills, and money I borrowed off my cousin to pay back. Over $1,000. My friend told me his sister (only 24) has $100k saved up. She still lives at home and has been graduated from uni for a few years, but still. That is pretty nuts.

      Do you guys have solid financial goals? I guess in my youth i've adopted a free spirited "money doesn't make you happy" type philosophy, but i'd be up shit creek if I wasn't still living at home.