Cunfused, could use some advice

    • Cunfused, could use some advice

      So there are two guys in my life right now.
      The first guy is 19 (im 17) He lives in the same city as me, about an hours drive away and I have liked him for about a year now and a while back we dated for like 4 days but he said he didnt feel like things were working out so he ended it but ive still liked him and that was like 8 months ago, and I finally convinced him to go out with me again about a week ago but broke up with him a couple of days ago because there is this other guy and im not sure who i like more and i told him it was because he was acting strangly and wasnt talking to me which is true
      The second guy is 17, lives over 10 hours away but he is really nice and comes over to see his sister who lives in the same city who lives about 15-30 minutes away from me and he is coming down for two months in a couple of weeks for tafe and he talks to me from the moment i wake up til i fall asleep and calls and skypes me every night and is super sweet
      Now because this other guy has come into my life and he tells me he really likes me and im not sure who i want to be with, my hesitations about going out with guy 2 is because he lives so far away and with guy 1 is because Im not actually sure that he does really like me and I dont have as much fun hanging out with him as I do with guy 2..

      I need some help figuring out who it is i want to be with....
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      Don't go out with guy 1. He sounds like a bit of a prick tbh, and doesn't seem to treat you very well. If you think you're prepared to make long distance work, go for guy 2. Beware, it can be pretty hard going! If you donn't feel ready to try long distance, stay single for now, who sais you NEED to be with either of these guys? Perhaps you'd be better off single, for now, sort your head out and only go for someone you're sure you actually like!
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      Well the choice is yours. But it seems like you are going back and forth with guy number one. To me it seems like he is just playing games with you. Like he doesn't know what he wants. Don't wait around for him when you just move on with it.

      Guy 2, seems really sweet. If you are willing to make long distance work then I would say go for it.

      It all comes to down who you really see yourself with. Who treats you the way you deserve to be treated? Never settle for less when you deserve the best.