Loosing friendships because of my ADHD

    • Loosing friendships because of my ADHD

      Im a 20 year old female with ADHD...

      I just moved to a new town and people don't seem to want much to do with me after they have talked to me for a while, they say im weird, too talkative,too loud,too hyper, etc. I take concerta which my doctor told me would help control my impulsivity, hyperactivity and lack of concentration.

      I've been taking it for a couple months and it has helped me with school but that's about it. It hurts my feelings so much and my confidence keeps getting lower when I keep getting rejected (not talking about romantic relationships,just friendships) ..I didn't choose this, I didn't choose to be super talkative & be unable to behave "cool" all calm and collected.

      Growing up I didn't have many friends because I tended to say the wrong things, I was overly excited and I just assumed that when I was an adult I would change/grow out of it..My parents keep telling me I can change the way I behave, and why don't I do it if I see that i'm the problem...but I just can't, I tried to but I am just really hyper.
      I just moved to a new town, So I'm not with my only 2 best friends that i've ever had (who both happen to have ADHD) and I'm meeting new people and they are all sitting calmly and I'm just all over the place and then this girl started mocking me, saying I'm crazy, that I'm different and just giggling away......I wanted to cry, she just made me feel like absolute shit. I'm not a bad person just because I have ADHD..I always thought of it as being vivacious but others (except for a very seldom few) just think I'm too out there.

      I guess my question is, do you know from maybe experience if anything can be done about this? I feel like I'm alone in this..I have another friend with ADHD and this doesn't bother her, she's not hyper she just cant concentrate..
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      Hey, I'm sorry to hear about what's happening and all, nor do I know about anything that can be done about it but why would you want to be friends with them if they're mocking you for being yourself? I'm sure your an awesome person and you deserve better then having to change the way you act in order to make friends. So sorry I can't be of any help to you but I'm sure at least someone on this site knows how to help and I'm 100 percent positive a ton of people here would want to be your friend if you want ^^.
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      Hey, I don't know that I have ADD/ADHD per se...but when I went to public school (before we switched to homeschool) they wanted to test me for it because I couldn't concentrate. I actually have gotten much better at that these days, but your description of yourself as 'hyper', 'talkative' 'loud'...that totally fits me sometimes. If you just met me you might not know it cause I'm pretty shy and quiet around people I don't know very well, but my family can attest...I get into 'hyper mode' sometimes. O.O During which I act like a 12-year-old (no more sugar for me, lol). And I'm 19. So just know, whether or not I have ADD/ADHD, I have very much the same personality. It's actually refreshing to know someone my age has the same personality. :) Oh and I get really REALLY into fandoms to, which can drive people up the wall. XD

      PM me sometime? :)
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      Sorry to hear what you're going through. I personally do have ADHD, currently 15 years of age and pretty much went through what you're currently going through. I would recommend speaking to your doctor, aswell as suffering from hyperactivity and lack of attention you might also suffer from minor depression and anxiety disorder like myself.

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