Help me...need advice ASAP

    • Help me...need advice ASAP

      Okay well basically I am going out with someone for the second time...I feel quite needy at the moment so I want a lot of attention and comfort and I don't think he wants to give more than he Is giving. He dont know if he appreciates me he normally just jokes about rather than complimenting. He doesnt talk to me much which bothers me but I don't know what to do...PLEASE HELP ME ASAP
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      Izzy123 wrote:

      I understand that but help me! Do I tell him how I feel or will that push him away because it's not exactly how we're both feeling it's just me he will probably think I'm random and weird. Do I ask him to change in order for us to be together?

      I'd definitely let him know how you're feeling first. If he loves you, he'll change and stick around.