I need someone's help? Anyone?

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      I feel I have so many issues with the guy I'm with but don't know if it's just me being needy?paranoid? Silly or is it something I should address?
      He works in the day so says he can't talk but doesn't send a little text during the whole day...when we go sleep he turns over doesn't hold me to sleep...instead of complimenting he just jokes about maybe he does this because he's shy to compliment or just doesn't see anything to compliment about... I know his family, some of his friends, seen me in the morning, told me he loves me, reasonably affectionate although I want it more! Help me what do I do????do I tell him how I feel on the phone? Or shall I just see how it goes? HELP
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      You don't tell him how you feel on the phone. This is definitely a face to face thing if it's bothering you. How long have you guys been going out? Because after a while the overaffection and compliments are likely to become less frequent, but they gain more meaning.

      Maybe you are being a little needy but the reason for that is probably a lack of communication causing a lot of bottled up issues, hence you're talking to us, not him. Talk about it to him. It will demonstrate your trust in him (knowing you can discuss these things with him) and you'll be less likely to say it in a less appropriate situation. Bottled up tension always explodes eventually.