What do i do when i see her in school next time??

    • What do i do when i see her in school next time??

      Ok I'm 18 and its my last year in school. There is this girl I like a lot from my language class. She is really pretty but a bit shy and also really really nice. We started talking back in november. So we both went to photo lessons together and are gonna go to the same college after school.So after we started talking she always smiled at me when she saw me and laughs a lot at my jokes. Even one time when I was sitting next to her she said I was cracking her up.I've helped her a few times with many things(her camera was broken so I gave ker mine for the lessons) and I treat her really nice. One time after class i asked for her number and she gave it to me. 2 of her frs and her twin sister were close to us. Then one mutual friend(girl) came and asked me-- so when am I gonna marry you two.(I said next year).Strangely again i was talking to her a few days ago and that same friend asked me if we started dating yet. During the Xmas holidays and a week b4 them we didn't talk at all.After them when I saw her in class I said hi and so did she.We were both leaving the room and I kinda made her stay to talk to me for a bit.Then her twin sister was at the door and came and told her to hurry up.We were still talking but she said bye and left with her sis and friends.Later in the week I didn't see her at all.
      So last Thursday night I talked with her a lot and it went well. I promised to check something important and tell her today.So last friday things went so WRONG. I was gonna talk to her after a class and tell her what I promised to last night but in the brake before that class something bad happened. I was standing in the corridor with a fr and there was this guy whos a good fr of hers started fighting(not for real like a joke) another guy(they both are from our language class).Then I said something as a joke and he started fighting me but when he jumped at me he broke my $300 RayBans(and the are irreplaceable because they are Bauch&Lomb and were given to me by my dead uncle) then he pushed me on the floor and sat down on me.But then things went real bad. I smaked him a few times in the face and he was blue all over or at least a black eye.And I was totally innocent because he started it.The problem is that because I kicked her hyper-active friend"s butt she is mad at me ot even hates me.---Im pretty sure because after the class I tried to talk to her and tell her what I found out about the thing from last night but she said she was gonna find it out by herself. So during the weekend i posted something cool about photography on her FB wall but she didn't say anything and later it wasn't on her wall so she must have deleted it.So we haven't been talking at all last week and this week she doesn't even wave or say halo to me.And i can't stand this but im scared to talk to her bc i thinks shes mad at me.On monday i asked her fr(the one that asked to marry us) if she was mad at me and she said she wasn't. Then last night i said whats up on chat.She said she was going to study but before i asked her if she was mad at me she said."Listen don't think i'm mad at you.I just have problems and am not in the mood.It just that.And you shouldn't have hit (that guy)hes not a bad guy.."
      --then i said i was sorry and that i didn't start the fight but that doesn't matter.-----after that she said
      --"He was just playfighting but you don't know him and didn't know that.No matter things like this happen.(this aint an exact translation but in my language it didn't sound bad)
      SO IT TURNS OUT SHE ISN"T MAD AT ME.also she really must have some problems bc i haven't seen her in school or class since we talked
      So what do i do now. Should i try and talk to her in school??---- i want us to be friends and later on when she gets to know me ill try something more maybe.AND DON"T TELL ME TO GIVE HER SPACE BC WE HAVEN"T TALKED IN 2 WEEKS AND I MISS HER LIKE CRAZY
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      jfstocks wrote:

      Well Simeonpaca just play it cool. I would say don't just focus on one girl give all the girls you're interested in your compliment card and which ever one bits thats the one you go after

      man there is only 1 other girl i kinda like but it's the one that asked to marry us(her friend).But no girl i know is like her.Problem is i think somebody from her family recently died because she and her sister changed their profile pics to completely black
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      From a girl's point of view, it really does sound like she's brushing you off. :( If you really feel that you didn't do anything wrong, I would send her one message explaining everything (kinda like you just did :) ) and let her reply to it. It's up to her to make the next move, as long as you've tried, told her the truth, and explained everything.

      If she really is going through some family issues, she'll eventually come to you to talk about them... and if she doesn't, that's her choice and I guess its something that should be respected.