A song i made, all thanks to my cousin

    • A song i made, all thanks to my cousin

      There you are with another girl
      Im with another guy
      But i still got feelings for you

      I can't stand right close you
      Without saying i love you
      I can never break your heart
      But you broke mine
      We are over
      But my heart just turned right over

      Please i want you here
      But your with the girl
      Im scared when it comes to that question
      How will i react
      Please you got a girl
      Go off with her
      It's hard to let go off you
      Im in a bottomless pit
      But why dare to come save me

      I remember when you use to hold me close
      We where under a mistletoe
      We where holding hands
      Why did i dare to let you go

      I hate this
      I can't let you go
      Please argue with me
      Please beat me
      I need to let you go

      How shame this is
      Please i beg
      Go away, run away
      I never want to see you again
      Oh my feelings will still grow
      Go away
      I need to stay away
      This isn't normal

      I wish i could run
      But i might run into you
      So go
      It's better this way

      Because i need to let you go
      "As in heaven as on Earth, we've been dead since our birth" -Hollywood Undead