Need Help? Read all !

    • Need Help? Read all !

      I'm about to be completely real at how things are with a lot of people.. I know it's not like this with everyone...

      Life never works out. Your childhood is what makes your life. And it's never a good one. You either have the type of childhood where you're in dance and you're happy all the time, grow up to be 12, 13, 14 loving yourself. 16, 17, 18, loving yourself too much to where you get into it with the wrong people and since you get so much attention , you get called a slut and get bullied and pressured from all of these other girls. And since you have such a perfect dance body, and all the guys tell you you're SO beautiful, you fuck everyone and end up with a baby very early then hate yourself. Or, you could go the modest childhood route. Where you grow up as not so popular, you have people who love and care about you, but you never really have a full connection with anyone.. You have that one friend you talk to all the time but by the time you're in Middle School, they've gone and done new things with their life so that when you're 12, 13, and 14, you hate yourself and think you'll never be happy. There's also the neglected childhood. Where the kid need gets any attention, or the wrong attention from their parents and end up getting into bad things just to get some reaction from their parents, but they never do because that's just how their parents were raised.. then when they're in their mid-late teens, they hate themselves because they feel like their parents hate them. Another childhood can be the bible clinged one.. Where they're so pressured into being this perfect christian/catholic/mormon child that they revolt and go having sexual affairs with whomever comes in the room, and for the guys, end up being total pervs and when they get their first girlfriend, they're always thinking about that.. The last childhood I can think of is when they parents are too strict on the child to get the BEST grades, and to be perfect int everything in life.. That's too much pressure. When you're young, you don't understand it, but as you get into your teens, you start feeling different about the way your parents say things to you, and things they parents say. You end up never thinking you're good enough for them, hating yourself.. On top of being bullied because of the fact that you actual study and want something for your life.. Most of these children end up committing suicide or lashing out in other ways because they can't hold it in anymore. I just felt bad and wanted you guys to know you're not alone.. Everyone ends up hating themselves at one point or another.. But just make sure you aways have good friends you can stand by.. I'm here for anyone who needs it.. Just don't be dangerous.. Haha. :)

      -Taylor Anne. :love1:

      taylorosterhuber at yahoo .com is my email. Feel free to email me for anything. :D I love helping other s because I have also bent though a lot so I can relate.. Always welcome new friends..
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      The examples you have stated are general and only happens in specific countries, I would say. It is dependent on the environment and society that the person is placed in.

      For me, almost everyone studies hard in my country. We don't party like how the Americans often do, but at the same time, we have family and friends.

      Anyway, good to see you being eager to help :)
      "You use your heart as a weapon, and it hurts like Heaven."
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      That's a vey dark outlook on life. They are childhoods that 10% of the world will experience and even fewer will turn out hating themselves. If we are talking about people not liking they're actions or there appearance or weight then yes people experience this all the time but to hate yourself something extreme has to happen. I genuinely feel for OP here because if this is your outlook on all childhoods and all lives then you are very sad and upset. So OP if you need anything PM me ;)