Why do I always feel so sad

    • Why do I always feel so sad 😢

      I feel like my life is just pointless I'm always depressed I don't feel confident with myself or my body. Boys seem to just take advantage of my kindness and that just pushes me down further. I have a tough past that I struggle to deal with. So please someone give me some advice of just to feel happy or just a little bit better
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      You say you still struggle with your past, why dont you talk with someone about your past. It could make you feel a bit better if you can talk about it.

      And dont let anyone take advantage of you, I know how that is like.. I always needed to be there when they needed me and nothing more but some time ago I just stopped and just told them to leave me alone, not going to do anything/help anyone anymore anyway and now nobody really does that anymore.

      You need to stand up for yourself for that, if you dont do that then youll always keep it like that.
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      The best thing I have found is to just be straight forward with people. Come right out and say hey. Most guys dont want to have things beaten around the bush, they want things to come straight forward and just out of the blue, it might come as a shock, but that will probably be your best chance to get an answer.
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      Well you're low mood could be because of a combibation of things, and it'll be difficult to change it if you're not too sure what they are. I think you should talk it out with someone, I know exactly how you feel. I'm extremely nice to everyone around me and I fell they think they can walk over me because I'm too kind. You'll be surprised how much better you'll feel once you get t off your chest to soneone who cares and doesn't belittle your problems! Feel free to message me if you ever want to talk ^^