Are goals good for you?

    • Are goals good for you?

      This is a question a lot of people have to ask themselves whenever they set goals. Have goals always worked? I have tried out goal setting myself, creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals and trying out different goal strategies. But none of them ever worked, even though they were supposed to I'm guessing I"m not the only person in the world who has set up a goal, only to find out that the goal never came true.

      No wonder there are so many guides out there, there are an uncountable number of guides on the internet, guides on the shelves of book stores, and guides from well meaning people. The truth of the matter is, goals just don't work. If you are desperate enough to create a goal in order to accomplish a certain task, that just means that you don't want to complete the task in the first place. If you really wanted to complete something, you would have completed it by now, instead of searching for a guide on the internet "if goals are good or bad."

      I think most people had a good life through their childhood just living life. They just lived life, doing their own hobbies, doing their own things. A lot of these kids grew up to become great in their fields. Whether it be computers, sports, or anything else, they grew up to become good at what they do, because they didn't set any goals. Think about it, when you were a kid, and you did well in a subject, did you set up a goal to become good at a subject? How about when you first learned to drive? Did you set up a goal to learn how to drive? No? You just did it? Then that's exactly the right thing to do. Setting goals is a waste of time, if you really wanted to do something, you would have done that something by now.

      So in summary, don't set any goals. Just keep living life, and if there's something that has to get done, just think "Oh yeah, I have to get so and so done by today." And then work on it. Is it really that hard? I'm guessing it's not. It's just the way the human mind was created. It can support itself without creating any goals. In my opinion, goals are a waste of time, and that the definition of Goals that is "To complete a task," should be removed from the English dictionary. Because it's stifling human achievement.
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    • Re: Are goals good for you?

      I beg to differ. Goals are simply targets, dreams, hopes. It's just something you want to achieve or reach in the future.

      To some people, a goal is a form of motivation, because it has become clear to one how high the bar is set, and you can comprehend exactly how much work and effort is needed to be put in to achieve it.

      If you have no goal in life, aren't you living life aimlessly, clueless about where you want to be in the next 5 years, 10 years?
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