After School

    • After School

      What to do after school? There are a lot of things to do. Basically, anything is okay to do, as long as you follow all the General Rules listed above. Don't waste your time, and know why you're going to do something before doing it, also, be creative.

      Here are some things to avoid doing:

      -Doing Nothing: This is the worst activity you can have. Literally. Please don't waste your life by doing this activity constantly.

      -Injuring Yourself: Why would you even think about doing this?

      -Thinking Bad Thoughts: Your thoughts control your life. Whether you follow any of this advice or not depends completely on you. If you want to win in high school, definitely take these ideas into consideration. It takes a different kind of person with the right kinds of thoughts to actually apply the advice given.

      -Bad Addictions: Bad addictions are the worst activity you can do, because you don't only do them once, you do them constantly and if it really is an addiction, every day. These can be; playing video games excessively with no purpose other than the present enjoyment of the activity, drinking alcohol every day because it first started off as a habit and now you can't stop, and the list goes on. Stop doing this right away. I think it is as easy as not doing the activity. You may suffer withdrawal symptoms, but it will go away, just never think about that activity ever again and you won't be anxious to do it.

      Basically, anything that harms you more than it helps you, is a bad activity. In general, just avoid bad activities. And everything else will be good for you. Be creative.
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