The Best Ways to Cheat EVER

    • The Best Ways to Cheat EVER

      Disclaimer: The writer of the article has no liability to you, the reader. If you cheat and get caught, even though it's impossible to get caught with these methods, it's your own fault. The article is not asking you to cheat, it's for entertainment only.

      This is an article on how to cheat, the possibly best possible methods to cheat, ever. There are many methods outlined, yet these are ways to cheat without getting caught. These methods are not simple, and they require a lot of knowledge. But if you somehow already know how to do some of the things listed, then you are going to have no problem cheating. This article is a living document. It is continually updated when new ideas come about.

      Method 1: Hands in My Pocket

      This is the first method outlined and yet one of the hardest methods here. Actually, all the methods listed here are hard, but at least they're impossible to detect.

      So imagine one day you're taking a test and you have no clue what the answers on the test are, or you forgot a formula, or something like that, but you need some sort of knowledge that you don't remember. So all you do is put your hands in your pocket, feel around a bit, and bingo, you know the answer. You turn the test in and the next day, you got a perfect score, no problem.

      How did you do this? Easy, you just had a plastic sheet in your pocket that had all the information needed for the test. The answers were of course, written in braille. You didn't need to see anything, all you do is simply feel around your pocket, instantly getting all the information that you need. The thing is, this is hard to do, you need to be able to read and understand braille, and you need a way to create easy to carry braille notes. But the thing is, this is completely possible, and though I don't know anyone that does this, this method may be old news that people have been doing for years.

      After learning braille just for cheating, you can also use braille for a lot of other useful things such as communicating secretly with blind people or other people that know braille, or put it in your resume that you know braille. There's a lot of use for this.

      Method 2: Morse Code

      Not really morse code, something entirely different, but this has to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest method here.

      This method involves creating your own finger tapping and sliding language and involves other people knowing it as well. All you have to do is tap around on the desk with your fingers, making tap tap tap noises and sometimes even dragging your finger nails on the table to communicate. You can interchange between tapping with your fingers or your nails, to make different words.

      This is completely possible, and it comes with so many other uses. You guys that know this language can now call it something official, contact the news about it, make videos about it, and teach others about it, and bingo, you guys have just created your own language. It's only possible to cheat using this method while it's still not popular, but if it does become popular, then it's going to be harder to cheat, that's a downside to it.

      Method 3: Harder than the Braille Method yet more interesting

      This next method is super interesting, it combines the aspects of the two previous methods into one super interesting and still quite possible method. This method is really really hard to pull off.

      First you need to create a device for shoes that can communicate with other devices. You can easily attach this device to any shoe, but they have to be attached to both shoes. You push them inside the shoe and push them to the very end, until it reaches the tip, where your toes are. So one shoe will receive the messages. The device will lightly hammer down on your toes, sending a code in the shoe language for you to instantly interpret. Then the other shoe with your other foot will send the messages. By lightly moving your toes up and down, you can instantly communicate with someone else nearby, or several other people nearby.

      This is highly undetectable, and outsiders will only see your toes moving up and down inside the shoe, not knowing that you are talking to someone without saying anything. This is useful for other situations as well, not just written tests. You can use this to talk to someone far away while walking, without using your hands or your mouth in any way. Again, contact the news department, 'shoe' them how it works and bingo, you just created a world-wide hit invention.
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