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      Our planet Earth got its seven-billionth inhabitant when a little girl Danika May Camacho was born on Monday, 31. October 2011, the United Nations declared Danika May Camacho, a girl born in Manila in the Philippines, for the seven-billionth inhabitant of our planet. At the same time, Russia and India have announced that in these countries was also babies born as seven-billionth inhabitants.

      Baby that was heavy only 2.5 kilograms was given birth two minutes before midnight by Kamil Dalura Fabe Jose Hospital in Manila and declared that she is very happy that her child has such symbolism.

      The mother of small Danika said that it is so nice and that she can not believe that her baby is the seven-billionth inhabitant of the planet. She is the second child of Camilla and her husband Florent, and she was born two minutes before midnight, and doctors said that it was close enough to count as she was born on Monday.

      After the birth, parents and baby were visited by the United Nations officials that handed over them a cake as a symbolic gift and little Danika was officially proclaimed as the seven-billionth inhabitant on the planet.

      The UN has chosen 31. October 2011. to symbolically mark the arrival of a baby that will be the seven-billionth inhabitant of the planet, and that title is awarded in each country, sometimes with a big celebration and disputes.

      At the same time with the birth of Danika and the declaration of the Philippines that their newest resident is the seven-billionth inhabitant of the planet, the same is published by Russia and India. In Russia, which covers nine time zones, however, there is a serious dispute concerning the determination of seven-billionth inhabitant, because there appeared two baby candidates on opposite ends of this vast country, as reported Russian media. In the city of Kaliningrad, Russia's western enclave on the Baltic Sea, there was born a little Petya, 50 inches tall and weighs 3.6 kilograms. Parents were given a certificate that he was born on the "Day of seven billion," according to the decision of the appropriate UN agency.

      However, in Kamchatka, a small Alexander was born in 00:19 at local time. His parents believe that their great advantage of nine hours due to the time zone in which he was born. They also received a certificate of birth, and municipal authorities even have chosen them apartment. Alexander's parents say they will go to a court to prove it, if necessary, that their child is the seven-billionth inhabitant on Earth.

      India gave the title of the seven-billionth inhabitant to a still unnamed girl by parents Ajaj and Vineta from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in 7:20 pm at local time.

      At the ceremony, UN announced that the number of people on Earth by 2100. will increase up to 10 and perhaps 15 billion people if the birth rate is only slightly exceeded by expectations.
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