frustrated with at home relative

    • frustrated with at home relative

      is it just me or is my whole family incapable of movement?
      not physically bur metaphorically because lately the change that we wan to happen isnt happening
      my cousin lives with us for almost two years and in those two yeas he had about ten jobs, got his license , and opened a bank account. Other than that nothing. He was supposed ti go back to school and find a place to live but no he hast. my mom always complains on how much of a leach he is and he never takes responsibility or takes care of anything and always goes about on how she is " had it up to here" with him and wants to kick him out but she never confronts him
      he eats but he never cleans up and leaves after he is done dinner expecting my sisters and i to pick after him, we used to fold his laundry until my mom said stop, he is late on rent, spends to much on wants than priorities/need purchases, and doesn't stay true to his word. He is twenty-two but he repeated grade 12 twice and didn't go to college , not exactly job material. My mom tried to help him pick a carer and go to school but he is totally unmotivated.
      With all the problems he is causing its causing tension between my parents and me Secunia my dad wants him to stay while my mom doesn't and so they yell at me or my sisters when their mad.
      plus my cousins always in the way- it gets really annoying
      how should i tell my mother that maybe my cousin isn't the best roommate anymore and that he needs to move. I'm sixteen and he already hogs up the whole basement so i cant always play video games