Afraid of the thought of sleep...

    • Afraid of the thought of sleep...

      The past week I have been afraid of the thought of sleep. I don't know why, but I been staying up until 3 am and sleeping until 7 am. I know if I lay my head down I could probably fall asleep. It is not that I am not tired or afraid I will die in my sleep. Has anyone else felt like this before? It is terribly annoying, and all my friends are sleeping so I have no one to talk to. I think it might be because I been very stressed lately. I am not sure.
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      I can't say I've ever been afraid of the thought of sleep.

      I've sometimes not wanted to sleep because I had some assignment due soon and had to stay up to work on it.

      Or when I know the next day is going to be busy with boring things, so the only chance I have to be productive with my fun things (music, coding, learning interesting shit, etc.) is during the graveyard hours. It's like I don't want to sleep, because that act would concede "Okay, this is the official end of the day. I can't do any more things in this day. Whatever I've accomplished (or not) in this day, is all that there is for this day.".

      Sometimes I *couldn't* sleep? Like when a girl I was in love with didn't give a shit about me?

      But I've never been *afraid* to sleep.

      I knew someone who didn't like to sleep because she had nightmares?
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      If its only been going on for the past week then I really wouldn't look too much into it. I think you're stressed. Do you have a lot of deadlines or things you need to sort out? If so, then maybe it's not the thought of sleep itself, but the thought of losing hours when you have things you need to be doing.
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      Do you have anxiety? When you sleep, are your thoughts racing? Have you tried getting a sound machine or downloading one on your phone. Letting something soothe you to sleep might help. This way your not thinking about SLEEP, but about how nice the rain sounds sound!
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