Ugh, my bipolar is killing me! Hows yours?

    • Ugh, my bipolar is killing me! Hows yours?

      I am bipolar.

      Well, its not ME, but its something that I have. I just recently found this out and I am learning how to cope with it. I always wanted to know, why I was so angry everyday? Why I'd feel depressed, and then a little while later have this huge ball of energy. I wanted to know why I couldn't led the life I thought I could. So, I started writing out my problems for the world to see.

      Well, not the world - not yet. Right now, I'm under an alias because the stigma that mental illness has. I rather be unknown, then to be thought of differently. I struggle everyday.

      Anyone else own a mental illness blog. Here's mine

      I hope I can read others and help others, because the one thing I've learned from blogging is that I'm not alone.:wink:
    • Re: Ugh, my bipolar is killing me! Hows yours?

      I know how you exactly feel. I'm also bipolar, adding Borderline Personality Disorder. Doesn't make it any better. There are days where the smallest thing can really set me off and get me really angry. Other days I'm just relaxed and calm. But, I can go from calm and collective to depressed or angry in a split second. Maybe you should try talking to a psychiatrist and they can try helping you.