Should I Report This?

    • Should I Report This?

      I am going to share a story from an objective point of view so none of my personal prejudices will affect it.

      A male employee comes into work and starts bragging about a female employee, about how she "wants" him and will have sex with him. He calls her a bitch and other derogatory names, reveals details about their late-night conversations, and offers to record on his phone the two of them having sex. (In actuality, the female employee has repeatedly rebuffed his advances and has never had any sexual contact with him.)

      The boss, a female, laughs and encourages him, egging him on.

      Another boss overhears and says the male employee must stop, but he and the female manager do not. So the other manger writes up the male employee.


      Various employees warned the female employee to "watch out" and "be careful" but it took two weeks before she found out about the boy's plans to have sex with her and film her. He has been attempting to carry out their plan and seduce her, although she never had sex with him. She now knows that the boss was in on it too and is disgusted and humiliated. She no longer wants to work there.

      Do I have a sexual harassment case? Am I over-reacting? I am super embarrassed that this guy played me, but I am mostly embarrassed that my boss knew about his attempts to film me doing sexual acts and actually encouraged it!

      Please please please give me advice. I am considering writing a letter to upper management, quitting, or just trying to forget this all ever happened.
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      In the Uk harassment means that an offence has to be repeated 3 or more times. For example abusing you by throwing things at your house 3 times = harassment. I am not sure about sexual harassment though. You definitely have a case and should write to upper management but make sure you have people who are willing to speak on your behalf aswell. This is at very least a grievance. You may have a harassment case also in which if upper management will not help the police or a legal team could advise you better than me
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      I'm not sure if this is a harassment case as it was only planned, however i think you should definitley write to someone higher up. This situation is just cruel and is kind of bullying. You should not have to feel threatened or embarrassed in your workplace. And if you quit without trying to sort it out, they could do it to another person who comes after you. It is ridiculous, childish and just mean behavior and i'm sorry you had to go through it.
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      This would be considered sexual harassment in America, as it falls under multiple qualifications for harassment. Contact human resources and tell them what you know. There will be an investigation and the male employee as well as possibly one or both of the managers will be fired. Your workplace should have some sort of contact info for their HR Department.
      - Ghukek
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      You definitely have a case, as well as a good reason to no longer work at that establishment starting immediately with rights to full benefits for termination of contract. I'd recommend saving as much evidence as you can, and perhaps contacting legal counsel if speaking with management at work is not productive.

      Recording your conversations with your boss would be a good idea, as well as keeping paper copies of any emails, write-ups, and notifications.