Saddened about going on in life

    • Saddened about going on in life

      Every day to me seems to be nearly pointless and a near carbon copy of the previous one, even on weekends. I experience this depressing phenomena, which makes me feel like I'm not going anywhere in life, just running against an eternal treadmill, nearly every day. I've contemplated suicide on many occasions before, but never very seriously. I'd be more than happy to receive your advice on how to solve this misery I go through every day.
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      Only you can get yourself out of this state. If every day feels like the previous one, then you need to take the initiative to do something different. Take up a hobby, or join a group and meet people to talk to. Talk to someone about how you're feeling. Don't give up on life, especially when it sounds like you haven't explored it at all.
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      Well is there anything you think you would enjoy more? It might be worth giving up one of your current activities to try and start something new, or to give you more time to socialise. Even if you realise later that you don't enjoy it, at least you've tried something different to get a bit of variety in your life.
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      I can relate. Some of it might be something you just have to slog through, until you can get to a more satisfying part of your life. But I really suggest trying to do things that are for me, for example, I want to be an author. So if I actually focus on my writing, instead of letting it slide, I'll feel better about what I'm doing with my time. If you have something you want to work towards, try to find a part of it that you can do now, every day, that will get you towards your end goal, even if it'll take awhile.

      And yes, if you can meet people and build healthy relationships, that's amazing. It makes all the difference between feeling down and being happy, for me anyway (I hate being so hermit-ish :P).
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      Look eminemaniac, I'm sorry if I indirectly insulted you. To be frank, I felt that the other user's comment was more useful than yours. I'm not saying I don't appreciate it, but hearing advice from someone in the same state as I am makes more sense to me. In short, thank you for the effort involved in producing a response to my thread.
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      That's the thing. I was in the same state as you, but I'm getting better because I'm doing something about it. Just because someone else isn't in the same state as you currently, doesn't mean they haven't been before and can't relate to you. With all due respect to the people around me, all the sympathy and sugarcoating did not make me better. Getting up and trying to find some meaning in my life did.

      But you're welcome and I appreciate the acknowledgement.
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      Try going out and trying new things. A good thing to do is make a list of things that have made you feel happy, if only temporarily, in the past while, things that have made you feel bad, and a list of any other things you think should have influenced your mood. A list of goals and things you'd like to do is also a good idea, and if you don't have any, just pick some at random and see how you like it.

      If none of this works for a while and you find that you're just inexplicably bored with everything, even if you shouldn't be, talking to a therapist might be a good idea. Depression isn't something that's easy to identify, and it can sap you of a lot of your vital energy.