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      Wow what a great idea for a thread! :)

      Dear Amy,
      Sometimes I really wish you would leave me alone. It's one thing to have cheated on me, and another to play it off like nothing happened. Despite the fact that we've been separated now for a little over 4 months, I can't help but still wish we were still together. It kills me deep down to know that I still have feelings for you. What you did was low. I put myself out there for you and you walked all over me until my heart could barely beat. What was left of me had to watch you and some jock make googly eyes for each other while I sunk deeper into my own abyss. This might just be me pushing the blame onto you, but you're the reason I got back into drugs for a few months. You made me happier than I had been in months, and then sadder than I have ever been in my life. Every effort of mine to maintain a professional relationship with you for the sake of our friends has killed me inside, and my vain attempts to take you out for coffee a peace offering. But did we make peace? No, you continue to openly flaunt yourself before me, flirt with me, then have the audacity to stand me up and leave me waiting for a person I should have never tried to meet with. Maybe I'm desperate, but I can't shake the feeling that some part of you still has feelings for me and it tears me up at night. A part of me wants to mend our relationship while the other wants to leave town so that I would never have to look at you again. Simply stated, I hate you because I love you.

      - Nick

      Welllllll. Despite that being a tad dramatic, I actually feel much better now that I've gotten to vent a bit XD. A bit negative, but those are my feelings and *shrugs* I doubt they're fading away anytime soon.
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      Mine will be like, very vague.


      Dear you,

      I don't even know anymore. I'm apparently too impetuous, and needy, and...it was good but then I just didn't know. Maybe it's because I got myself in over my head with the situation overall.

      Apparently, I fit the mold of everyone's ex. Whatever they went through, I come behidn being made from the same mold.

      Forgive me for being a noob at things, for making mistakes, not doing things the right way, ruining things by my jumping into them too hastily, or in the wrong way.

      I don't know what I'm going to do anymore. I don't know how not to hurt people. I don't need to be another scar they have to take along the way. I don't want to ruin everything wherever I step.

      God help me.
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      Dear ex,
      I hate you for everything you put me through. You took advantage of me in every way you possibly could. You cheated on me many times and made me insecure. It's been 3 years, and I'm still recovering from the emotional damage you caused and trying to be a better person to myself. You said I wouldn't make anything of myself, but here I am. I'm following my dream (the one you told me was stupid...remember?), and I will make it.

      Thank you for showing me what an unhealthy relationship looks like. You're an asshole.

      - Bolt
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      Dear Ex #1,
      I don't know what to think about you now that my memories of you are tainted by the fact that you actually did rape/assault your girlfriend before me. I trusted you over everyone else when you told me that you didn't do it, but you lied. You were never bad to me, but I can't see you in a positive light anymore and I hate you for that as much as for what you did to her.

      Dear Ex #2,
      I'm glad you married her. You'll be happy together, I just know it. Now, if you could just stop acting cocky and saying I still want you, we could actually go back to being friends. Peace out bro.
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      Dear Ex,

      You broke my heart not one, but two times. I was stupid enough to believe your little lies about you wanting to change your ways and be a better girlfriend. I do believe everyone deserve's a second chance. That's why I went back out with you. But, when you fucked me over for the second time. My trust and loyalty for you, went completely down the drain. I love how you always to try to make me jealous by posting pictures of you and your "new" boyfriend. Kissing, hugging, and all that shit. Truth is babe, you're not making me jealous one bit. I'm glad you lost your "virginity" to him; it just shows me how much of a slut you are. I regret dating you; wish I never fell into your trap. I'm still recovering emotionally from what you put me through. You say that I was the worst, and boring boyfriend you ever had. But, everytime you break up with someone; you come crawling back to me. I'm done with your shit. I finally learned to never look back. Keep moving forward with life. Move onto new and better things.
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      Dear Ex,

      I was debating whether or not to even use that title, given that this barely qualified as a relationship. Lulling someone into a false sense of security that you're an innocent, naive guy that I should tread on eggshells around, and that I should feel sorry for, when secretly you're a manipulative creep, seemed more like an experiment really. Emotional pressure when I hesitate to say "I love you too", on the second date, is not okay. Not letting me go anywhere with my friends without coming as well is also not okay. I didn't like keeping a simple shopping trip secret from you but you left me no choice with your paranoid lack of trust.

      And after we broke up, still you wouldn't leave it be. Trying desperate attempts to get back together in "not a date" settings such as "just the two of us in your house on New Years Eve with pizza". Trying to go out with 3 of my friends who looked similar to me. Of course it was all a coincidence, and I was being paranoid.

      I'm glad you were finally honest with me after a two-year post-relationship chase, so that I could honestly tell you I never want to hear from you again.

      Good luck with the next guinea pig.

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      You left me when I needed you the most. If you were stressed out, you could have came to me to vent. You wouldn't have burdened me. I deserved a better explanation than the one you gave me. You didn't even give me an explanantion. It sucks that we're separated and I don't know when you'll ever talk to me again, if you'll ever talk to me again. But I want you to know that you were the one good thing in my life. The one thing that kept me thinking positive thoughts during the day. And without you, there's a void. And I'm afraid of what'll happen to me if you take too long.

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      You entered my life with the worst possible timing, and we both had the worst possible personalities for dating each other. We should have lasted 6 months instead of 4 years. I wish when we broke up the first time it had stayed that way, but you were too needy and I was too weak.

      I'm glad you're not talking to me anymore. I don't mind if we never talk again. We've been the most unhealthy element in each other's lives, and we definitely don't need any more of it.

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      Dear X
      You are a stupid piece of shit I don't know why you would even think I would ever consider getting back with you. I was your back up girl and even though it took me a bit to figure that out I've figured it out... There is nothing you can say or do to win me back...
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      Dear Ex.
      It was wrong of me to break up with you. I shouldn't have told you u that I didn't want you to have to deal with MY shit, I should have spoken to you about it, becuase I know now that you would have helped me through the same thing I am struggling with now.
      I miss our friendship. I know we still talk, know that we both still lament something that was great, but I also know that you are happy with her (even if it sickens me).
      Thanks for showing me that someone does want me and that I'm a beautiful person. I'm glad I met you, and I'm glad we had what we did.
      It's a pleasure having you in my life as a trusted friend. I'll always be there for you, even when I'm no longer the girl I was, becuase you have always been there for me. You weren't disgusted when I told you I wanted to be a guy, you were supportive.
      Even now you are my singl ray of light trapped in one of the best friends I've ever had.
      Love, Me.
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      Dear Nick,
      I honestly have nothing left to say to you. I will never forgive you for everything you've put me through. I may act like everything is okay on the outside, but on the inside it kills me to be around you. Things will never be the same between us. Ever. You're a jerk to everyone around you and I honestly don't know how anyone could be your friend. I feel sorry for her, because she has to deal with being with a piece of shit like you. Peace.
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      I'm not here to write anything to my ex.

      But this thread further proves that "let's be friends" is a cliché, because most of the posters above did not end their relationships amicably and go back on friendly terms with there ex-es. It seems that many of the ex-es were jerks/bitches, but "we" still dated them in the first place. Were we high or something? Or our hormones working up?
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      dear ex,
      you blew ur chance with me. You became nothing but a sex hound and pushed me away, you were losing interest after a while so, why are u trying to get me back? i had a feeling something like this was gonna happen when i moved away, my friends were warning me about how you are, they all hated you til we got together then they all were ok with you, i move away and they go back to being not so pleased. that makes me wonder. and the things you told me, how much was the real truth if any was? some the stuff u told me seemed kinda fishy -.-

      idk :/ kinda a stupid post on this but whatever