I'm inlove with someone i should'nt have even started to get involved with!

    • I'm inlove with someone i should'nt have even started to get involved with!

      Hey, my name is Nikki :) Just thought I'd introduce myself before you guys know my life :D
      I'm 17 and in grade 12 and I live with my step family and my mom.
      so I'm not gonna waste no time and get right into it,
      About five years ago my mom started dating this guy right, and I was like 13 at the time. Her new boyfriend was a good guy I'd say. I wasn't complaining. he was sure better than the other guys she brought home! so a year after they started dating (me now 14) they decided to introduce us all (all theirs kids together, my mom has 4 and he has 4) and turns out, this fucking guys son was my first ever crush... in life -_- I mean this guy let me wear his sweaters in school and buy me gum and all the other cool shit we useto do in junior high lol
      they decided to move in with eachother... it was really awkward at first but blair (the guy) was really sweet, he taught me how to ride horses and we did drugs together (back when it was cool, lol ok we still do sometimes xD) and we would watch scarey movies together and so on and so forth...
      one night, me and blair came home waste, like... I don't even remember getting home but I could never forget the moment the first time we had sex,
      (It's bad I know, atleast we're not related by blood or anything!)
      I'm not gonna go into details on that night but it was BEAUTIFUL! <3
      ever since then we've had this little secret, for the first 2 years (I was 16 by this time) it was all fun and games and us just exploring what the other gender had to offer pretty much lol
      I ended up falling so hard for this guy... I told him time on end and he says we better just stay friends...
      and he gives these little mixed signals all the time like, he looks into my eyes and tells me he missed me when I aint around for a few days or something or he hugs me tight while we watch Netflix or he laughs at my jokes and he just makes me feel amazing! I love everything about him, from his wana be mullet to his ratchet toe nails lol

      so heres the big question


      What should I do? He knows I love him, and I want to know if he loves me...
      any suggestions on how I should ask it or how I should approach the whole situation?

      [CENTER]"It's not wrong, but it's alright...":lovi:[/CENTER]
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      this is a hard situation to be in. You could just ask him but if he says no that would be awkward as you live together. Maybe slowly flirt with his and see how he react. If he knows you love him ask him what does he think of you?. You can ask his friends because he might have told his friends, ask him but avoid using love or words like that because that will put him off. Ask do you like me or something like that
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      Ghukek wrote:

      You're having sex with your mother's boyfriend???

      I think she means her mothers boyfriends son, and it is a tough situation. One thing I discovered though, was that sex can make things more complicated.. I think that right now, if you really like him, you should try to stop having sex with him (if you still do it). Sex a lot of times is driven by lust, not love, and it can ruin hopes of something developing. I learned that from experience :p from this it sounds like he likes you, but the fact that your mother and his father are dating probably scares him away.. still, instead of sex, try to do other things that may spark his interest. If he is scared of the situation like it sounds like, and you wanna date him, then you have to keep sparking his interest until he cracks..

      Just a few of my thoughts. Sorry, I tend to ramble sometimes so I apologize if some things I said seem unrelated to each other.