Hey. I need advice please. Thanks.

    • Hey. I need advice please. Thanks.

      My best friend is in a relationship with a girl he likes. They fight all the time, and we talk all the time about how miserable he is sometimes. I was playing xbox with his girfriend on live, and she was telling me about how stressed she is in the relationship too. I dident tell her anything he said, but they both love eachother and want it to work. They are struggling. I feel like I should say something to him about what she was telling me, but I don't know how he would take it. I really dont know what to do.

      I think if I tell him, he might be mad because he may think I am trying to tell him how to handle his relationship, that's its none of my business, and why was I talking to her like that in the first place. He already flipped on me once because I told him not to fight with his girl in class. He told me to stay out of it. I hate being in the middle. He will find out about me and his gf's talk eventually, I'm sure.

      I realize you can't fix a relationship being the inbetween, but I'm watching it fall apart from the outside in.

      Granted, he does talk to me about the problems he has with her alot, and I never told her about anything he said. I just don't know what to do. It really stresses me out.,

      Also,I can't stand them fighting all the time. Everywhere. They won't pan things out. Both of them say they try, but each says the other won't listen.

      If they break up, I can't be friends with both. That's a fact. I have to chose my best friend in the situation, but I sure will miss how his girl always had my back.
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      I don't think you should tell him, because as you said it isn't really your business, and actually you should use the fact that it's none of your business to your advantage: next time either of them talk to you just say "I really appreciate that you trust me enough that feel you can talk to me about this, but you should be telling this to (partner). The only way to move forward in this is through communication with them."

      If you tell him you've been talking to his girlfriend about their relationship, whatever your intentions, it could reflect badly on you especially if it's been going on for a while before you tell him. Also, you'll end up even more stuck in the middle than you are now (which is saying something). Encourage them to talk to each other instead.