I am feeling depressed now :( what should i do ?

    • I am feeling depressed now :( what should i do ?

      Hello friends i am 23 year old boy from Kathmandu,Nepal.i am currently studying bachelor in information technology (BIT) in Computer Networking and IT Security.i have done cisco certification CCNA and CCNP. i am gud in study but it has been six month i am feeling so depressed of life. i am not happy with my life at all. almost my family member are settled in the united kingdom(dad,mum,brother and sister).i am alone at Nepal.i have applied settlement visa to join with family. it was rejected five times from British High commission, new delhi because i am over 18.I have spend thousands of pounds during in visa issue. Now i stoped going college because of financially problem . i have tried lots job vacancy but can't find..in our country it's really hard to get job thus we are skilled.sometime i felt like i have no luck in life. every time i miss mine family :( I feel that I am isolated from the outside world and family ..I feel like a little of me die each day.. i feel lazy to do anything at all. i don't want to talk anyone.. i don't want to go outside from room..every time i sat in the dark room. Why life is full of pain and misery? Why life can be so lonely? Why life is such a struggle? Why everything is so hard? I have seen people born with luck and talent..but why i am not..every time this question strike in mine brain. Adulthood is a very hard life..We have to make sacrifice and commitment to so many different aspect of our life.Now I feel like I want to end my life because life has no meaning for me....
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      Hey there please don't you have so much to live for yes right now your sad and depressed but it will pass. Think of it this way people who go through the most stress and depression are stronger then ever
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