College Confusion

    • College Confusion

      Hey, this is my first post here it might not really mean much but it's an issue thats been keeping me worried for a while now, so any help would be appreciated.

      This whole issue started when I finished Highschool and began receiving letters from a single college. Soon after a while I received a phone call from a seperate but very similar in name college telling me that I have the option of coming in for an interview, I got them mixed up thinking they were the same and said yes.

      Long story short- I was enrolled into the college but I didn't receive any notice from them regarding the date I start or my timetable. It was not long before I received a letter from the college that's been sending me letters the entire time notifying me about an orientation day. Thinking that it was the same college I went to it to find out what's going on, I signed some stuff but it doesn't matter because I never enrolled with that college and I'm not on their system. They told me I start on the 18th of February but even this college hasn't sent me anything, so I guess I'm good regarding the second college.

      Anyway I only realized I mixed them two up when I received an email from the first college telling me I missed out on two weeks of college, and now I have to go back and explain what happened to them. What's the chances of me getting into the college after two weeks of a misunderstanding? I mean my future depends on this, will they be understanding and let me join the college?
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      No one can answer this, only the college you want to attend can. You may still be able to register since there's usually a two or three week waiting period from the start of classes so people can add/drop classes/switch classes. Then again, you may not be able to if you need financial aid, or they may just say wait until next semester. You need to talk to the school, not us.

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