Hi There :)

    • Hi There :)

      Hi everyone.
      I stumbled upon this site while looking for an advice forum, and I thought that maybe I'd make a few friends here. It'd be nice if I did :)

      My name is Natasha, Im 15, and I live in Australia.
      I have one sibling, a younger brother who is 4 years younger than me.
      My parents are divorced, and my mother is remarried.
      I don't really get along with my Dad. We're always on different pages, I guess.

      I guess I could be considered kind of an introvert, but I don't really like the word.
      I could be classified as a loner, maybe.
      I enjoy having someone to talk to and get along with, but I don't exactly enjoy company. I prefer to be alone.

      I have had a few difficult years... But, you know, high school...

      I enjoy reading, mostly the fantasy/horror genres. My favourite author is 'Brom'.
      I also enjoy writing, about anything mostly. Creative story writing, writing notes, etc.
      I wouldn't call myself a gamer, but I do play games. I prefer the PC and RPG games.
      Im not a fan of movies because they're not what they used to be.
      I like to create little clay sculptures, just as a hobby.
      Im not sure what else to add here...

      I would like to make a few friends, it would make me really happy.
      So please message me, about anything you like.
      Im willing to answer any questions, I do have alot to share.

      Thanks for reading, guys.
      [FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]- Life itself is a quotation[/SIZE][/FONT]

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