Hard break up

    • Hard break up

      Ok, so please brace yourself for this thread as it may be very long.

      I have posted a thread in the past about my boyfriend holding hands with a girl which I feel uncomfortable with, so if you would like to know more about the story please refer to that.

      But I have been going out my my boyfriend for 5 years and he has grown feelings for 4 other girls in the past and we have broke up over it.

      However throughout the past 2 years he has been excellent as he has really grown to understand me and see what makes me happy, he is indeed the best boyfriend I could ever ask for apart from the girl scenarios.

      Now we are on our 5th year of being together and he has fallen in love with this girl which he works with (the girl he was holding hands with) he has felt this way for 3 months now.

      I was then on his phone as mine ran out of battery, I clicked safari and found a google answers page of which he had written a questions titled '2 girls?'
      The post that he wrote read exactly this:

      'Me and my gf have been together for 5 years and it's getting to a point where because of the past being brought up issues with other girls, it's making me unhappy also along with the hact im just not happy with her anymore.. We're on the verge of breaking up, obviously i love her to pieces cause we have been together for so long.. But iv'e met someone new who makes me so much happier, i'm finding it impossible to break up with my gf because I do still feel a connection.
      So now its getting to the point where I'm unhappy and iv'e met someone else.. As bad as it sounds cause I have a gf but this other girl is amazing. I think about this other girl more than my gf and I'm starting to love this girl.
      I know it sounds like i'm a dick but I actually am falling in love with this girl and i don't know what to do about it haha. I work with this girl and see her more than I see my gf, so that makes it worse but in general i have no idea what to do. I have so many feelings for this girl and she has a boyfriend as well as me having a gf, please help I'm going to explode lol'

      So now i really don't know what to do because I am so upset that this has happened again and I feel sick.
      I was meant to meet up with him today and his response was 'I dont want to meet up today cause I just got my new xbox headset...'

      I cried and cried for hours and I am seriously heartbroken, I love him so much but he treats me with no respect anymore just cause he has got feelings for this girl. I have left him but I still can't stop thinking about him.
      Please someone help me I just had dinner and started crying at the table and my parents are really trying their best to support me. But i really am in pain.

      He works with this girl and he never wants to see me. I said i dont wanna be with him again cause this is the last straw but in a few months I dont know.

      Any help will do, I REALLY appreciate anything and everything.
    • Re: Hard break up

      as i said before all you can do is try and forget him
      it will be hard but your stronger than you think
      you already made the first step and that was breaking up with him
      give it some time... all your hurt feelings will eventually go away and you will soon forget him
      you will find someone new. someone who will treat you with respect and show they love you. someone who is ready for commitment and long term things
      your ex is an asshole and you dont deserve people like him in your life to ruin it :)