Need advice!!

    • Need advice!!

      Okay so sorry if this gets really long but I really need some advice!

      My school and another school merged together this year and so there was lots of new people to meet. I talked to some people from the other school, but pretty much everything was the same as normal. Then we had a small 'get to know each other' 3 day camp, that's when I met this boy. He is gorgeous and is friends with just about everyone. During the whole camp he kept talking to me, helping me with things and sitting next to me. My friends all told me they've heard he has a crush on me and so I was sort of flirting with him.

      We got back to school and we were still friends, talking everyday and walking around together. Then one day I found out he got a girlfriend, I was heart broken and felt rejected but knew I never had him so there's nothing to be sad about. I thought he was going to stop trying with me but he didn't. He kept hanging out with me like everything was normal and only occasionally going and seeing his girlfriend at recess. He talked to me everyday on Facebook and I still liked him.

      Then we discussed our pets and I told him about all my pet birds, he seemed generally interested in them and asked if he could come over and see them, I said sure and on the Friday he came home with me after school. My parents are completely not cool with having boys over and things but they were all right with him as he is really nice. I showed him the birds and we sat in my room and just talked about things. It was lovely and I think we really shared a bond. His dad picked him up and he was really nice.

      Everything went the same for the next week and then the next Friday he invited me to his house, I went there after school and we talked and just hung out. I enjoyed it and his family was really nice and let me stay for dinner. I wish I could have stayed the night but my parents are not that good with me and boys still! I then went home and we were talking on Facebook for a lot of the night and he invited me over again for on Saturday (today).

      I got my dad to drop me off and I was super happy to see him again. We just sat around in his room talking for a bit. Then he started playing with my hands so I played with his hands as well and we were like holding hands and having thumb wars for a while. We then built a little fort with blankets and sat under together and just talked and played with our hands. It was really cute, but there was always the thought in the back of my head about him having a girlfriend.

      We then went on his bed and got comfortable with him pretty much on top of me, it got uncomfortable really quickly and we soon swapped to me on top. My legs were around his body and I was sitting on his crutch area. We kept talking and playing around and he kept putting his hands around my back and around my neck and playing with my face and all those kind of things. He then put his forehead against mine and kept getting closer, I changed subjects a few times so we didn't full on start kissing because I'm scared he'll regret it and remember his girlfriend.

      I then went home and miss him heaps! I really do like him and deep down I think he likes me too (why else would he act like that?). I'm not sure what to do, and am seriously hoping he breaks up with his girlfriend so I don't feel awkward and so I can act upon my thoughts. I'm wondering what it's going to be like on Monday at school, and I hope I get closer to him. But in the same way, I don't want to be 'that girl' who breaks up a relationship. Help me!