Do you understand women?

    • Do you understand women?

      Some time ago I read this post about how to catch a girl (, and one of questions and answers was about understanding women, so here is what that guy said:

      "...Stop bothering yourself with this question, for your good. Someone very smart (poetry or philosophizer, I can't remember) said: "You can know women or can have them" , period. Just stick to option two - to have them..."

      That intrigued me, so I am a bit confused, and would like to hear your opinions about understanding women?
      Do you understand your girlfriends or you act as you do but in reality yo don;t have idea in mostly situations why they act or think or say something?

      I hope you understand my questions, since I always tough that is hard understand women, but also always tough that "something is wrong with me" and when I see that somebody else say in public some thing I am confused, is it something wrong with me or something is wrong with females so we can't understand each other on best way?

      Really will appreciate your answers and opinions...
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      This might seem like a TL;DR, but trust me, it's worth it.

      Being a female myself, I don't even understand some of the things my gender is known for. I personally try to avoid setting relationship traps, and I've told my boyfriend it's okay to tell me when I've accidentally set one for him. Now, on to our obsession with fashion. I never drag my boyfriend along to the mall with me, but I can understand why some other girls do it. We like to know that our guys like what we've chosen to put in our wardrobe, so some girls like to take their boyfriend with them to get his opinion BEFORE they buy. Another girly quirk some of us have is saying nothing about something we want our men to notice, but then exploding when they don't. The reason for that is, we want to test you. Girls like to know their man cares enough to notice those things, and for some girls, failure to notice makes us feel unloved. Again, I personally don't do this, and I understand the flaw in that logic, but please don't shoot the messenger. Another issue guys like to complain about is the friend-zone. To tackle this issue, you need to understand that girls don't have the same attitude towards you as you do towards us. I notice a pattern in every guy who complains about the friend-zone. He meets a girl, he likes her but says nothing, and she says "You're such a great friend" or something similar. The guy takes this as a death sentence. NO, NO, NO! That is NOT how it works! Most girls don't like to rush straight into a relationship with a guy. The friend-zone is not a pit you fall into when meeting a girl. It's more accurate to think of it as a toll-bridge. When you meet a girl, you first come to this toll-bridge. To pass through to a relationship, you must first pay the toll. The "toll" here refers to whatever the guy needs to do to win the girl's love. It can be difficult since every girl has her own "toll" that must be payed, which is why so many guys get stuck. If you're thinking that your crush's toll must be to act like a douche and inevitably break her heart, I can explain that too. I don't know all the reasons, but I was once doing that to my boyfriend before we were together. The thing is, I liked him back. The only reason I didn't do anything about it is that he didn't, so I assumed he wasn't interested. I settled for a douche, we broke up after like a month, I learned my lesson. I still didn't ask him out after that because I thought he was out of my league, but then he did the smart thing that so many "friend-zoned" guys forget to do, and asked me out. I said yes, of course, and we are still together after over a year. Chances are, she's waiting for you to make a move. Girls are shy, so you will probably need to ask us out instead of just waiting. Even if you pay the toll, you can't get across the toll-bridge unless you step on the gas. Makes sense? If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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      What does it mean at all?
      Do you understand why any other person is doing/saying something? Do you understand it all the time? Eevery time? For every person?
      Do girls understand guys? Do kids understand parents? Do teachers understand kids? Absoulutely?
      Do you understand all of your own decisions and things you have ever done?
      I don't. SO I think "understanding women" is the same as "understanding anyone else"

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      No one or more precisely no man understand's any women fully. I once heard the best way to understand women is to listen to them and didn't work because I'm still clueless why heck I'm so clueless I ended up have a friendship with benefit's with one not two but three different girl's and what get's me is 1. they are older than me,2. they only want me for sex and they make that clear and 3. I don't even think I'm that great in bed so basically I'm confused beyond confusion and wish I had a real relationship that wasn't just about sex so if anyone ever doe's figure out women all women in general please write a book so guy's like me can learn what the heck is going on because the truth is me and like a billion other men are just plain clueless. Now before anyone say's anything this is just my opinion and hope it may help somebody somehow to accomplish something.
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      SeductivePain wrote:

      No one or more precisely no man understand's any women fully. I once heard the best way to understand women is to listen to them and well...

      Huh, thanks for all your opinions... :cool:

      And, 'SeductivePain' your answer reminded me on Charlie Sheen which one episode of two and a half men discovers power of word 'Understand' :) Maybe someone remembered what I thinking on :)
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      The easiest way to understand a woman is to think like one. I grew up in a house with my mom and two sisters and naturally I kind of just picked up on women's habits so I can read them as well as understand their motives (most if the time at least). My advice if you're interested in learning how they work if you didn't have this experience is to simply read forums intended for women. Women giving women advice, this way you can learn about the women asking for advice and the women giving it. You can see how women handle situations on their own and when they do something you'd not expect its probably at the advice of someone else so you can learn to recognize this and not be caught off guard. Make sure it's a women asking women forum if its men answering its simply their interpretation which is a lot less accurate for the most part.

      Tl;dr: I'd like to think I have a solid grasp on women's psychology, as I've learned basically everything I know from women. Not a 'playa' or anything, I can just pick up things better than most.