His Confused Sexuality is Confusing Me

    • His Confused Sexuality is Confusing Me

      I have a friend that I've gotten to know over this school year, and we've become close (or at least I'd like to believe that). We have a lot in common and talk and text nearly on a daily basis. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy talking to him, he's super fun to be around and i feel we connect well; but I feel like he's kind of smothering me. Which is sort of weird considering his rising sign is Virgo... (I am a Cancer woman).

      As I've said we've become good friends I'd like to say over this school year, and I do not find him annoying, he just wants to talk to me all time when we're off school. He constantly calls me and I answer, I'm glad to, but sometimes I. Just. Don't. Want. To. Talk. To. Him. Cause the majority of the time he calls while he's playing video games and continually has nothing to talk about unless we have those ever reoccurring deep psychiatric talks every once in a while. I don't mind, we basically have the same thought process, both of us fairly cynical yet hilariously positive at the same time.

      The major thing that confuses me is that he treats me like a girlfriend, yet he's told me multiple times before that he's actively looking for a boyfriend, since he's bisexual. I was one of the first few people he trusted with the truth, he told me. Whilst in school all of our friends are always making comments to us about how we'd be a cute couple, how we'd be so cute together, how we should get together. He's made slight remarks to me about how it gets on his nerves, I was somewhat indignant of it, I don't let a lot bother me, and he's pretty chill so when he told me I kind of caught me off guard a tad. But I can't help but feel like I'm getting closer to him emotionally, I get the feeling like he's getting attached to me too. Just the other day he even told me he wanted me to go with him to Colorado when we graduate... Yet again, after stiff like this he recoils and openly hints to me that he has a crush on one of our mutual good guy friend. It's weird, he'll make physical contact with me,doing those little "boyfriend things", giving me long secure hugs allowing me to lavishly enjoy his empathy and love, then he'll turn around and distance himself again... And I thought I had walls... Oi. He aggravates me yet I love it, the mystery I suppose. He's a puzzle. An intellectual, timid, pain in my dairy air! ^^

      Can anyone help me explain this Virgo's insanity? I truly do enjoy his company but I feel like he'll smother me and then recoil back into his utterly self criticizing shell...
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      JasonFever wrote:

      I feel like he might not have a lot of friends, or maybe he feels like he doesn't, and he feels that he really only connects with you. could that be possible? In any case, then I would just tell him how you feel. Nothing can be solved if you don't talk about it, I've learned that the hard way

      So you think he might just be kind of shy i guess? Or that he "connects" with me? It would kind of make sense to assume that. seeing as he seemingly partakes happily in running into me spontaneously in the hallways, walking with me and few friends back from the lunch room, and coming to give hugs before 6th period and we walk to our 7th classes together.... But during school he's super peppy, and seems to know a lot of people always greeting them happily...But then again, he's openly admitted and somewhat proudly stated that he's a homebody at heart but, and I quote: "his social life suffers if he stays home" and that he "doesn't have a lot of friends he hangs out with outside of school"... Idk he's an odd fellow...

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      TheGirlyEmo wrote:

      What does any of this have to do with zodiac signs?

      Well, I think it has a lot to do with the situation. Seeing as I strongly believe in the zodiac and, that if you've done your research on the subject, that Virgos tend to actively move away from smothering people attempting to remain distant while the Cancerian is usually the one loosing the internal "to smother or not to smother battle."
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