Helping Others - Recovery

    • Helping Others - Recovery

      Okay, I don't know if this is in the right forum so I'm sorry if its not.

      I have struggled myself with self harm for over a year, severe depression, anxiety and many other things along the way.

      I want to try and help other people in schools, the community, anywhere I possibly can who have been in the same or similar position as me.

      So I was wondering how other people recovered from their problems? For example with self harm - using elastic bands instead of cutting, etc or with anxiety writing everything down in a diary and then going to give it to someone you trust so they can help you. I have a few ideas but not many.

      It would mean alot to me if you could list your answers on how to help others (any methods or ideas etc). Thankyou,

      Becca x
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      I've had the same thoughts too! With helping people.

      I've been suffering from social anxiety for a few years now. I went to counselling, which helped. And these sessions where they taught me how to breathe properly, fix my posture, sleep in a better position etc..

      So for when I used to get panic attacks often when I went into crowded areas, I used to go in to malls and stuff with my boyfriend who used to coach me through it. We'd walk from one side to the other, and I would think positively. Especially since I struggled a lot with paranoia, I had to keep reminding myself that there were not people following me. It was actually quite tough haha. I also chatted to a girl who suffered from panic attacks on a daily basis, and she told me that a method she used to cope was to tell herself that she would not have a panic attack today, it would happen tomorrow. Everyday, so she was basically putting it off. But she's a lot better for it now, so that's quite a good technique I think.

      I think positive reaffirmation is good too, and rewarding yourself. Like, if you get through a day, reward yourself for it- think positive, write positively, stuff like that..
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      I can only help others when i am myself depressed, which is why i have such large gaps in my visiting times. Nice to see others helping :D
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