Dreaming about my crush?

    • Dreaming about my crush?

      So I have been friends with this boy for about 5 years now, and we secretly flirt without knowing. I recently went over our facebook conversations from like 2 years ago and it isn't a type of conversation that two normal boy and girl mates would have.

      It was very flirtatious and putting 'x' at the end and things.

      When we started out as friends I used to have such strong feelings for him, until I started liking this other boy that I then went out with for 5 years, this boy was a friend of his, not a close friend, but just someone he would occasionally talk to.

      He has a twin which I never spoke to until for the past 2 years where me, my ex boyfriend, this boy i now like and his twin would share the exact same classes which were business and ICT. So I have obviously been very close with my friend of 5 years and now his twin brother too.

      There are different moments when they both make me feel really special and they show they care for me, so it is very difficult for me to see which one really makes me happy as mostly every night now I speak to them on Skype. They are always trying to make me laugh and never like hearing me upset. I genuinely like the boy I have known for 5 years, but I think after I had been with my ex for so long, I think he has found a way to move on from his feelings towards me that I think he had.

      Every single month I seem to have a dream about the twins or maybe just one of them, it's either a funny dream or a very romantic dream.

      There was alot of us in one house so there was some people that had to share beds. I shared a bed with the boy that I like, nothing sexual happened but I was in my pyjamas and he was topless with some shorts on. I was watching something on a little handheld TV and he was lying close to me holding me and playing with my hair.

      The next day his twin and I were walking out side of a building and he held the door open for me, I said to him ' are you ok? you haven't been yourself and your being so kind and caring t me today?'
      He then smiled at me and said 'OK I have had some feelings towards you for some time now and I just wanted to know if you wanna go out sometime...as my girlfriend?'

      I then smiled back and said YES.

      After that I went inside and was looking into a mirror at my outfit, the boy that I liked came down the stairs, hugged me from behind, span me around and said 'hello, how are you today? Just wanted to know if you wanted to go out?'

      I then looked very shocked as I was already going out with his twin, as I told him he then understood and said he didn't mind.

      That's it.....
      I have been thinking about it all day and I dont know what to do?! Shall I tell this boy I like him, but why am I dreaming about the twin too?

      Please help