Coworker snubbed me

    • Coworker snubbed me

      Don't get me wrong. Most ppl at work like me. We talk and have fun just like any other people enjoying camaraderie. This one girl, however, all she did was snub me as of recently. She didn't used to snub me. Idk y. She talks to everyone else though and I'm starting to get jealous. I'm always nice, friendly, and outgoing, so what doesn't she like about me? Consequently, I lost my will to live. Should I report her to management? What should I do?
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      if you wish you could consult with your manager seeing as work places encourage friendliness and also if she is serving customers(idk what kind of work you do) shes not setting a good example for customer service. bad attitude usually ends up in getting you fired and if you complain she will probably get a warning but if she continues she will probably get fired. although she is not indirectly saying anything to you she may just not like you for personal reasons. maybe she doesnt like your personality, or your attitude or whatever. who knows or maybe she has a secret crush on you who knows. you wont have any way of knowing unless you pull her aside and politely ask her what her deal is
      good luck :)