URGENT: Make yourself puke

    • URGENT: Make yourself puke

      Look, I'm not trying to be anorexic or bulimic and I'm not doing this to lose weight. The reason I need to vomit is because I have been extremely nauseated for three days and I think I would just feel better if I went ahead and threw up. So please, any tips/ways to throw up quick?
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      Well I probably shouldn't tell you this but...if gra your uvula that should induce vomiting. Ipecac could also work and it is a natural remedy according to my mother.
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      I can't believe you made a thread to ask strangers if you should puke or not. :lol: If you think you should, do it. It should make you feel better. It doesn't mean you're bulimic or anorexic just because you made yourself puke. Sometimes it's the best thing to do to make you feel better when you feel ill. Feeling sick is your body screaming out for you to be sick so why not speed it up?
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      As emoblade noted, ginger ale is good for nauseated stomachs. Self-induced vomiting should probably be your last resort, but then again I'm no doctor. Maybe it will get whatever is bothering you out of the stomach.

      Remember, at least one thing above all! Drinks bucket loads of water. The scientific reason is that water is used in a process called hydrolysis, by which your body bombards molecules with water molecules, almost literally "splitting by water". That speeds up metabolic actions, in case it was something you ate, so it would speed up that...thing's movement through your body.

      Otherwise, sleep. Sleep helps the body repair itself, physically and mentally. By sleeping (if you can manage it, if not try Nyquil), your body will strengthen it's immune response (if it's a pathogen) or otherwise just move it along faster through the digestive tract.

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