Need advice. Asap.

    • Need advice. Asap.

      work at a drive in restraunt that can get really busy. Especially when its warm. Anyway, I've worked there 4 months. I never called off, or requested any days off untill last Tuesday when I requested Sunday off to go to a concert with a possible love intrest.

      Anyway, I looked at the schedule and saw I got it off. I then realized Sunday that its suppose to be 60 degrees. The one guy I became friends with that works there Sunday second shift alone.

      I usually work with him on Sunday second shift. He is most likely going to get swamped and be by himself.

      THEN AGAIN, I had a question mark today, and he was gonna close. We were the two kitchen people. He got mad at the manager, walked out, and left me in there.

      Now, my manager wanted me to work sunday, and I said I requested it off and got it. I feel really bad about this though. She is now working taking that shift. To help her out, I picked up the open shift he had vacated when he quit. I still feel like I should be there though, and it's really tearing me.
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      It's okay man. Your doing everything that you can do but like emo blade said maybe you should start looking for a less stressful job.
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      You have to have a work life balance.

      As a manger, I totally understand the needs of the business and I'm constantly feeling personally responsible if my business isn't succeeding as I want it to. But you aren't the only one responsible (and since you're not a manager at all you're not responsible at all).

      It's great that you take so much responsibility for your position and have so much pride in your job, but you got the time off and you have to enjoy it. They'll get through it, even if it is busy and crazy. Don't let it affect you out of work, because you have to be able to enjoy your life and your time off. No one is expecting you to never take a day off or to relax, nor should you expect that from yourself. You deserve your time off just like everyone else. Just because it's crazy doesn't mean that you should give up on your plans. No one is going to be angry at you for something that was planned before people quit. Come in when you can (and when you want to) and help out when you're able, but don't make it your number 1 priority in your life: YOU should hold that spot, not your job.
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      They'll bring someone else on to replace you if it's busy. I've actually been left alone on a shift. It's not nice but he was meant to work that day, he came in but wanted to go home to go to sleep and my new manager let him so that annoyed me! So if you've requested early on, they'll get someone else in and you shouldn't feel bad.
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