Girl I know having problems

    • Girl I know having problems

      There is this girl that I like and am really good friends with, and she said she doesn't want to live her life anymore, she wants a new life without the problems she is having now, and it hurts her living her current life. (The reasoning is her dad is dying from liver failure and she can't stand seeing at anymore, I am worried one she may attempt to kill her self, or two shes going to hurt herself badly. She went out for a walk for apparent alone time even after I asked if she wanted to come over, she just she wants to be alone right now, I am just worried she may attempt to take her life or do something stupid.) What are the steps I should take into helping her? And suicide hotlines wont help because she wont talk to anyone.
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      Sometimes, starting off talking about your own personal shitty past (or present) can make people open up, because they are more likely to believe that you won't judge them.

      Pressing her too much will come off as invasive, though.

      If she doesn't want to talk about it, close the subject with something like "Okay well if you ever feel like talking about it, you can talk to me." and give her a hug. And then leave it. Talk about that funny thing you saw the other day. Or do some random nice thing for her. Buy/make her a gift, maybe. Just things to cheer her up.

      Oh, and alone time is perfectly fine, sometimes. Everyone needs time on their own.

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      People say a lot of things like that, but they usually don't do it. I've thought many times how my life is bad and that I should end it, but now when I look at it when I'm not upset and angry, I see that it's actually pretty good and I feel happy about it. The thing is, when you have a problem, big or small, it seems like the end of the world. But it's not, it goes away and you need to realise that. It's not the first or last problem she'll go through, she needs to learn that it always passes. And also, most people have to see their parents die. For some it's easy death in sleep in their late old age, but for some it's disease and a painful death. But eventually, parents die and you have to deal with it. My grandfather died when my dad was around 15 I think, and he was sick in bed for more than 2 months, though he had a few surgeries during the years before that. My dad had two older and one younger sister at the time, and they had more problems except their father's disease. But none of them killed themselves, though they may have thought about. They're all adults now, with normal good lives and are happy. But at the time when it was happening, it seemed like it isn't getting better. But it is.
      Talk to her. She doesn't have to talk, she can simply listen to you.
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