How do I get this guy to ask me out

    • How do I get this guy to ask me out

      There's this guy who works at my local Starbucks, I'm 99% sure he likes me.

      It all started about 6months ago,

      We know each others name

      He's always said hi, how are you/how your day and I always say it back.
      Then one time I went he said I was very polite. I didn't know how to respond so just said thanks.
      Then a few weeks after that he said it again, I was a bit shocked that he had brought it up so just responded with thanks.

      Then after that he started to stare at me when ever I went started off about 10-secs now goes up to 40secs and is quite regular. Also when he stares, he stares like I'm the only one around like tries to hold a gaze with me.

      Recently he found out that I like supernatural and he said he like it two so when ever I go and he serves me we talk about that, also the other day he ask how uni was going and also asked if I like the show arrow.

      He seems like a very confident/talkative guy around his workmates/ other girls who are friends that come in.

      I do like him to but I'm not very confident/ a bit shy so he properly does not think I like him back and that's why he hasn't ask me out yet.

      What kind of flirting/things should I say/do next time I see him to make him realise that I like him 2.
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      If I were you I'd spend more time at Starbucks. I'd bring a laptop and stream a favorite show/music or bring a book. If he likes you, he'll probably engage you in conversation about whatever you're doing. Keep up the flow of conversations and get comfortable with one another.

      If you're shy, start blushing. It's usually a telltale sign indicating interest :D