Do i take her back?

    • Do i take her back?

      Hi, me and my girlfriend were together for about 3 years when i found out something terrible. After a year of our relationship a guy fell in love with her, and they had some dates and kissed somewhat,this in a period of a month or so. This has been told me by a friend of hers,not her own mouth, 2 years later.

      Now i've been wondering should i take her back. I love this girl to death, i would do everything in the world for her. She says she never loved this guy, not sure if i should believe her.

      We broke up several months ago,but we stayed in touch. We kept growing towards eachother in this time, and we are acting like a real couple again. It's even better than before ( we had a relationship with alot of ups and downs). She cheated on me when we had a bad moment (this is her reason for cheating..)

      We both fell in love again, but everytime i leave her place,or she leaves mine, im so unhappy and thinking about her with that guy.

      I'm not able to forgive or forget here. I seek advice here, i'm really a mess:( Thank you

      Edit : This is my first love,also hers,been together since we were 16. Also,she kissed a random guy when she was drunk. Her excuse : Trying to forget you (we were having a bad time again).

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      You have to really think about it.

      If you took her back would you trust her?
      If you moved on, would you be happier in the long run?
      Is she really willing to treat you right and with respect?

      You both need to sit down and speak things through so you have a clearer picture of everything.. Then make a decision. Whatever happens, I hope it goes your way and you can be happy!
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      There is no excuse for cheating it does not matter if you guys were in a bad moment or she was drunk or w.e Cheating is a choice to make she decided to go kiss another guy while she still had your heart. She decided this guy was worth the possibility of losing the relationship with you. Honestly I do believe that people can change but if you take her back without making sure she will never cheat on you she will cheat on you bc she knows that you will take her back. So before you decide tell her she needs to prove to you that she deserves your trust again.