I feel like I'm not important to him...

    • I feel like I'm not important to him...

      My boyfriend and I have been dating for a month and a half.

      In the beginning, I kind of knew that his ex had broken up withhim not too long before he and I started dating. I knew that I'd likely just be some rebound girlfriend that he'd get tired of being around after a while. I brought it up with him about 2 weeks into it how I felt, and that I just didn't feel like his real girlfriend; just a rebound. He assured me that I'm not, and that was that.

      Well, the reasons for my doubt more or less keep piling up. My friends and family constantly ask questions like why he doesn't call me, where is he if he isn't in school, and why I stay with him if I'm feeling so much pain. Personally, I don't know why he doesn't call me. Last time when I brought it up he said he didn't call or call or come over because he didn't like the first impression my mother made on him. I texted him last night and told him how I felt about him not calling me. I feel like I have to beg him to talk to me, when he should feel obligated to want to hear how my day is going, and to check up on me. He has yet to respond. For all he knows, I could have been in some sort of car accident while on spring break, and he wouldn't know. Probably wouldn't care either...

      When he finds it convenient, he can be a total sweetheart, a goofball, or an ass. Early on in the relationship, he took me to movies, drove me home (even on work days), and took me to his house whenever he got a chance. Now, his excuse not to drive me home is that he has work, I have to make the plans, etc... Help please??
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      Although I'm not sure it sound's like he is either no longer interested in you or he has found somebody else. I believe your relationship is over...sorry I can't be much help :(
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      If you feel like that, you have two options:
      1. Talk to him about it
      2. Break up

      I'd choose the second one, because the talking would be in order to save the relationship and I don't think there's much to save there.
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