How do I know?

    • How do I know?

      Some background first, there is a girl I have liked for about a year now. I asked her to prom last year, and she said yes. We went as friends, but later on she found out how I really felt. She told me that she doesn't like me anymore than as a friend.

      We remained in contact, and I still talk to her a lot. I still have feelings for her, but I kept in mind what she said. I asked her to prom again, and she said yes again. Lately, we have become much more personal in our conversations. A week ago, she told me she loved me. This caught me off guard, because she has never said that to me before. A couple days have passed since then, and we continue to say 'I love you' to each other.

      The problem is that I have no idea what her true feelings are. She hasn't been very straight forward with them and I don't know if her feelings have changed since last year at prom. I don't know how to find out without sounding like an idiot or making a fool of myself. Any suggestions?