Speaking to your mum about a boy

    • Speaking to your mum about a boy

      I've been speaking to this boy and seeing him on and off for over a year now! We have always been happy together but the reason we have never officiallly been together is because of his ex girlfriend still being on the scene, who is probably close to being a physco path. He has upset me and treated me bad in the past but I always knew there was nothing I could do because we weren't actually officially together. So I decided to 'try' and move on from him and just accept the fact that I couldn't have him. Me and my mum are extremely close, like almost best friend close and I can tell her anything. She doesn't dislike the boy but she doesn't like the way he has upset me before.. which is only natural for a parent, I know but the other day he broke down to me, telling me he was sorry for the way he had treated me and sometimes he reacts the way he does because he doesn't want me to move on, that he loves me and wants to be with me. He said he wants to finally give it ago at having a relationship. I'm not just going to say yes as easy as that, we need to talk it out. But how the hell am I going to tell my mum? She will just think I'm a mug and I don't want us to fall out. I'm nearly 19 so it's my choice, but my mums opinion is important to me. What do i do?!