My random introduction and stuff like that...

    • My random introduction and stuff like that...

      Hi! I'm Kristina, a 15 year old girl from Belgrade, Serbia (now you're wondering where it is).
      I'm kind of a nerd. I love chemistry and I want to work in a lab in future. I also do well at maths, but I find it really boring. I'm terrible at geography and history.
      Now that was random. :D
      I'm Orthodox officially. I don't believe the god though, so I'll just define myself as an Atheist.
      I speak only Serbian and English fluently. I can speak bits of Russian and German, but not really make a conversation.
      More random rants about me being a nerd. Whatever. :ninja:

      My hobbies are drawing and listening to music. I read a bit, but that's if I have a book I haven't read close to me. I hate going to the school's library.
      As for drawing, I'll draw anything, but I hardly ever finish my work. Overall, I have 3 drawings done (with me) for 4 years that I draw frequently. I have done some works that were for school walls and gifts to kids from foreign countries, that's another 3. :rolleyes: So, okay, that's 6. Either way, slow.
      When it comes to music I'm a metalhead, and then a music fan. ;) I could talk about it all day, but I'll leave that for music discussion part of the forum. My favorite subgenres of metal are classical metal and thrash metal, but I like pretty much any subgenre but *insert word here*-core genres. And my favorite band is Iron Maiden (which is the only reason why I still care about history).

      I watch football a bit, mainly Liverpool - *insert football club here* fixtures, as well as some important fixtures such as Champion league knock-out phase and Premier league derbies. Spanish league... Well, not too often. Perhaps few Barcelona fixtures.

      :lolz: - That's my actual intelligence, I'm just showing off.
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      Best Friend wrote:

      Chelsea > Liverpool.

      And good call on the Chemistry, I'm currently taking it in university and it's one of my favourite classes still. Hard work, but interesting for sure.

      Welcome :)

      :nono: Ask Sturridge.

      I can do it, I'm talented and I love it. :runaround: I'm more worried about job I can have afterwards and paychecks. You know, in Serbia paychecks suck. :thumbdown:

      Ashley12Marie wrote:


      la rubia loca wrote:

      welcome kristina :)

      Hey folks! :)

      EthanB wrote:

      Hey there! I hope you enjoy it here. :D

      I do, it's cool. :cool: