Dear Diary...

  • Dear Diary...

    I noticed that there was no diary thread on here so I decided I should make one!

    Anyone is welcome to post anything.
    It would also be a good idea if everyone posted their diary entrees on here instead of creating new diary threads.
    It's always good to be organized. ;)

    Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! :hugs:

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    -I'll be the first to post a diary entree ;) -

    Dear Diary,

    2 days ago I finally apologized to Sergio (this guy I like) and we started talking again.
    He loves this girl names Bianca now but she's probably just a phase just like Deja (this ratchet gurl who dated him but lost him because she fucked up).
    He's probably going to be obsessed with this one for 3 months and then forget or get hurt or something.
    Idk, it kinda seems serious too but idk.
    I just hope it's a phase...
    Anyways, me and Yasmine are talking again (my best friend).
    I'm glad I got shit straight with Sergio and Yasmine.
    Me and Sergio are friends now and Yasmine and me are friends again.
    Things seem to be looking up a bit.
    It still sucks that Sergio is inlove with that Bianca girl but that's okay.
    His happiness is my happiness.

    Also, I might start online schooling next year and go back to school my Junior year and finish school from there.
    I'll check out the new school first, and then decide.

    Maybe I can find some new cool friends and a boyfriend, possibly..? lol
    Welp, I guess that's about it.

    I hate school, homework, and peasantry.

    Peace out home dawgs! ;)


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