whats going on :(

    • whats going on :(

      I keep getting these painfil like cramps every half hour or so. one just passed. this has been on going since yesterday. I have been trying to ignore it and take a tylenol and then I am fine... well sort of seems the tylenol isnt working.
      I am not on my period and shouldnt be getting it until atleast next week
      I am on birth control however me and my boyfriend still havent been using condoms whilemy body adjusts...

      could there be a possibility of pregnancy here?
      should I go to a hospital or wait this out longer
      its already been 2 days and the pain that hits me is quick and gone but very painful.
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      Could be a cyst that ruptured. If it's that bad, it would be a good idea to get an ultrasound. You can usually schedule these at your OBGYN. I don't know what not using condoms has to do with your body adjusting though. How long have you been on birth control?

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      Emo blade. Now I'm no doctor and I ain't the sharpest tack in the box but I think you should see a doctor about this. I really do suggest you either see a private doctor or go to the hospital. Sorry I can't be any kind of real help to you.
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      xxemobladexx wrote:

      Linda I am just about on my LAST WEEK
      this is the first month I have taken them.
      and Hann the pain gets like that but its so sharp and it comes and goes within seconds.
      idk what it is but im starting to worry a little

      Okay again, I don't know what your 'body adjusting' has to do with your not using condoms. You do know birth control isn't effective until you've finished one complete pack, right? You're not protected against pregnancy right now.

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      I am going to med school Don't take this as a diagnosis but from my own personal experience it sounds like you might have an ovarion cyst. I had one a few years back and it started of with just really sharp pains and than it got worse. I went to the e.r bc it hurt so much that I started to hyperventilate and couldn't stop. So I would go see an obgyn because if it is those hurt like a bitch when they rupture my dad wouldn't let me get it removed so I got to experience the effects of it rupturing. Have you had any symptoms of being pregnant dizziness pain in your shoulder?