Periods. (GIRLS ONLY)

    • Periods. (GIRLS ONLY)

      I've been irregular since I first started having my periods and it's so bad that I can go upto 3 months without a period! I get symptoms and sometimes it tricks me. I get symptoms and think I'll be having, I don't or it's delayed. Or I get no symptoms and then it just starts randomly. It's so irregular that I no longer keep track of when my periods are due because they sometimes never come. It's horrible because when I'm sexually active, I can sometimes mistake it for pregnancy if I start over thinking too much.
      I tend to have one every two months and they're more regular when on the pill seeing as they regulate it naturally, but even on the pill, I can still miss one or two.
      When I was a virgin, I missed 3 months and my mum called a nurse who said it's natural and it can be down to a number of things like; stress, weight gain/loss, medication, increased exercise, eating disorders, travel, illness, emotional stress, IBS sufferers (which I am) etc. She said getting stressed over the absence of a period will ultimately cause you to miss the next month. :nono:
      I understand when I'm at a high level of stress and I miss one, I put it down to that. I gain and lose weight more easily now I'm older which could also affect it. I've also been doing a whole lot more exercise in the past two months and it keeps increasing which could be down to why I've missed one again. I also have a recurring problem of losing my appetite and not eating much, if not at all, all day because I don't feel hungry. So I hope it's down to environmental factors and nothing too serious. My mum seems to get hers regularly and I used to get mine when she did, but I don't anymore. I don't know what to think. I know some of you will say go to the doctors but I've already contacted a nurse and I've told a doctor before and they don't seem to worried but it's starting to bother me now. When I told ex boyfriends, they always thought it was weird because they expect all girls to have them every month. I don't know if this is a problem or some random genetic thing that shouldn't be worried about.
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      My periods were always super irregular. I started at like 13 and went on the pill at 17 and in between that time they would be really random. I would get like 3 in a row once a month, then miss 2 months, have spotting, light period, skip a month, etc, in addition to migraines and cramps that made me throw up. The first pill I went on made me feel terrible and did nothing to help my period. I went on Nuvaring and that's what helped me regulate. The pill you may have been on might not have been strong enough to help you regulate. I was originally on Loestrin 24 and I spotted for about a solid 3 months. My doctor said I probably just need a different dosage and that's what worked for me. Irregular periods are certainly not abnormal, especially for someone young. I've been on Nuvaring for 2 years now and have had no problems. I skip my periods and get maybe like 3 or 4 super light ones a year, its great. I would suggest trying a different form of birth control+ a different dosage then your last one and see if that helps you.

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      I was the same way when I was younger.
      Finally there was one month when I was 15 that I got two in one month.
      That was that. I put my foot down and got put on birth control to regulate it.
      Was on it for 3 years, went off it and it perfectly regular after that.
      And I mean regular, right down to the time of day.
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      it's hereditary. Someone in ur family have suffered from irregular periods. I'm the same way. There's nothing wrong with you. And because u have irregular periods, it's even Hardee for u to get pregnant because u don't know when ure ovulating or anything. I know all this because my mom is the same way and I go with her to all of her doctor visits. There is this pill that doctors can give u to make ur period come on every month. By ur period not being regular, later down the line it could be a very serious matter and it upsets me that no one is treating it serious. It may be no big deal now, but it could be something later. I'm not trying to freak you out. I just see what my mom is going through. She's not pretty happy with it because she's been trying to get pregnant ever since she's had me and no such luck. It also helps if you start calorie counting and smear those same amounts or at least toward the same amount everyday to balance your weight. Also, if u are on birth control don't miss a single day. It could make it hard for ur period to be normal when ure missing days. And dressing is very hard to stop doing. Especially when u missed ur period and are very worried. The doctors should have performed a ultrasound on u to make sure nothing is wrong with ur insides. And because ure nor having a period, all of that stuff is building up inside of u and might start to make ur period really heavy when it comes back. And I know u said that u have been to doctors and stuff, but it seems like they're not quite getting it. There are other options they could consider.
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      I'm with pretty much everyone else here. I think them being irregular when you're young is just pretty common, especially since it sounds like everyone in this thread was the same way until they went on birth control. Sounds like you've got a lot going on that can affect it, and I'd go with Linda's suggestion to explore birth control options. There's different dosages, types (e.g. all the same dose vs gradually increasing dose), and options (pills vs other).
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      It's perfectly fine for it to be like that. Mine was super irregular, so I started talking birth control for it but it didn't help. It just now is getting its shit together after 6 years, and I haven't been doing anything different.
      I'd suggest getting on BC and seeing how that helps, it usually does.