Cant tell family or friends

    • Cant tell family or friends

      This is such an awkward thing to post about but I'm really unsure of where else to turn for advice, I can't tell my family and I can't tell my friends. Basically the past two years now I've been doing ketamine like behind the scenes and now its gotten so bad. It used to only be at parties and raves with MD and shit but I stopped that, and being in a kinda low place ATM its the only thing that really gets me through the day. I've tried to stop but I'm so tired because I ha e no appetite and it just keeps crawling back and its ruined so much, lost me so much money, girlfriend etc. Where do I even begin to stop? Anyone offer any advice?
    • Re: Cant tell family or friends

      Best Friend wrote:

      Only you can stop that. We could sit here and give you advice all day long, but in the end all it boils down to is if you are determined enough and are serious enough to stop. If you seriously want to stop, you'll stop. It's as simple as that, or as hard as you make it to be.

      Sorry man,I hate to admit it but Best Friend is right about this one. Only you can make you stop. Sorry I couldn't help you.
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