I know it's long but I need to know if I should do something. He's really confusing!!

    • I know it's long but I need to know if I should do something. He's really confusing!!

      I'm having trouble figuring this guy out. He's complicated and I'm not sure if I should do anything.

      Ok, so this is not the first emailing we did. We emailed on and off since late 2011, but we needed to stop because he got into trouble. Middle of 2012 he had to leave town, so there was no talking or anything for like a year. Without anything changing this year, he started emailing first this time just for the fact I stole his glasses (which is true, but I just moved them to the next room. He emailed me saying that I tried to highjack his glasses and I said you have no proof. Then he said I saw you take them! and came back with blah blah blah your making things up.

      I waited all day for a reply and nothing. After emailing back and fourth for about a week straight about random subjects, and questions I had for him in 2012. However I couldn't ask because he was gone for the year and I couldn't email him. Then after a day without emailing he emailed me that he wanted to

      "ask me one of those awkward ones and yet funny at the same time type of questions. I've been wondering for quite sometime so he just wanted to throw it out there."Already knew what he was going to say, but put
      "Sure, shoot".
      Then he asks if I have a crush on him.

      O.o Why on earth would he ask me that??? I don't think I flirt. I look at other girls and how they flirt and if I do flirt its subtle. So sublte that I don't even see myself doing it. So I asked,
      "Why do you think I have a crush on you?? How long?"
      "Not really an answer ..... Since six months after I moved in the neighborhood."

      I say that it has been years since I have had a crush. The last crush I had was in 5th grade (I'm 17 O.O). It takes me a while for me to like someone in that way and say I can't answer him fairly. Told him some things in brief description what people have done to me in the past and it's left a permanent scar in a sense. Then I said I just don't want to lose what we have...oddly enough :P Then he proceeds to tell me that

      "he's sorry for how people treat me and if he ever does anything to hurt me to let him know. I love having you as a friend and was just curious cause that is what it seemed like to me. So to clarify that you don't have a thing for me correct."

      I then told him it is too soon to tell. (cause the older I get, the harder it is for me to like someone that way. Its just the way it is sadly.) Then I said maybe if he was a friend a long time ago and still on a good note. Maybe.

      He then says "Friends! :D I always enjoy talking to you and I appreciate you asking me how I was doing while I was away. Thanks! I'm relieved that you don't have a crush on me. It just shows that your not one of those girls that sees someone good looking and gets infatuated without even knowing the person. THANK GOODNESS! and then says alrighty now that that’s all cleared up he will talk to me when he talks to me. ttfn"

      The girl that has known him for 10+ years said that he thought I liked him because of the pictures I took in his direction. I LOVE my camera! I do that to everyone/everything. I asked him why before when he was asking if I had a crush on him and he didn't say anything but "That's not really an answer" and that it was that's it seemed like to him. However when I asked him three weeks later he told me because of the camera and the pictures I took in his direction and random things. Why did he stall??? The girl +10 years said because he needs his ego higher/ he's hoping you like him too/ he plans to make fun. However him and her haven't been talking in like a year.

      THEN when I emailed him TWICE to verify if we were friends or not, he didn't come back with ANYTHING...but yet when we see each other he still makes eye contact, smiles.I emailed him recently and he says that he treats all girls the same, he said which is quite bad because he admitted to have a flirtatious personality when it comes to girls which he's trying to work on cause he says it's jacked up. The girls say HE DID NOT ACT LIKE THIS BEFORE HE GOT CHEATED ON. The girl really stomped on his feelings like he had none and didn't care about him whats so ever. Since then he has been a flirt-show off and a player. Girls also say "He thinks every girl likes him" What do you think??? Besides that it's long :P

      The blue guy is him...and the yellow guy is me...most of the time :P